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32-5-1      Motor vehicle defined.
32-5-1.1      Repealed.
32-5-1.2      Mopeds exempt from chapter.
32-5-1.3      Farm vehicles exempt--Exceptions.
32-5-1.4      All-terrain vehicles used in agriculture exempt.
32-5-2      Application for registration--Contents--Failure to provide information as misdemeanor--Acceptance of incomplete or erroneous form prohibited.
32-5-2.1      Staggered registration of noncommercial vehicles.
32-5-2.2      Determination of month to register vehicle.
32-5-2.3      Repealed.
32-5-2.4      Renewal of registration during assigned month--Expiration of staggered license plates or validation stickers--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-2.5      Registration of acquired motor vehicle--Application.
32-5-2.6      Early renewal--Fee for late renewal.
32-5-2.7      Removal of number plates required upon transfer or assignment of vehicle ownership--Credit for unexpired months--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-2.8      Repealed.
32-5-2.9      Seller's permit for sold or transferred vehicle--Time for registration--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-2.10      Seller's report of sale--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-2.11      Fee for reassignment of license plate.
32-5-3      Information respecting owner of vehicle.
32-5-4      Repealed.
32-5-4.1      Nonresident registration application--Issuance of nonnegotiable interstate title--Purpose and duration--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-4.2      Forwarding of nonnegotiable interstate title to department with application.
32-5-4.3      Repealed.
32-5-5      Vehicle license fee based on weight--Certification of correct weight.
32-5-6      Schedule of fees for noncommercial automobiles, pickup trucks, and vans.
32-5-6.1      Schedule of fees for noncommercial motor homes.
32-5-6.2      Repealed.
32-5-6.3      Schedule of fees for noncommercial vehicles other than automobiles, pickup trucks, or vans--Misdemeanor.
32-5-6.4      Registration of certain noncommercial motor vehicles for less than twelve months--Fee.
32-5-7      Repealed.
32-5-8      Schedule of fees for recreational vehicles and noncommercial trailers and semitrailers.
32-5-8.1      Identification plate required for certain trailers or semitrailers--Display--Fee--Transfer of title.
32-5-8.2      Trailers or semitrailers with identification plates may only be pulled by certain motor vehicles--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-8.3      Temporary permit for certain noncommercial motor vehicles to pull identified trailer or semitrailer.
32-5-8.4      Additional fee when weight exceeds license.
32-5-9      Schedule of fees for motorcycles.
32-5-9.1      Fees for snowmobiles--Period of license--Payment before operation.

32-5-9.2      Disposition of snowmobile fees and initial registration tax.
32-5-9.3      Initial registration tax on snowmobiles--Failure to pay as misdemeanor.
32-5-10      Repealed.
32-5-10.1      Motorcycle safety education fee--Amount and payment.
32-5-10.2      Motorcycle safety education fee--Deposit in special revenue fund.
32-5-10.3      Motorcycle safety education fee--Collection and remittance.
32-5-10.4, 32-5-10.5.      Repealed.
32-5-11 to 32-5-16.      Repealed.
32-5-16.1      Mobile home or manufactured home license fee--Establishment of purchase price by bill of sale or retail book value--Fee in lieu of certain taxes--Exemption for certain entities.
32-5-16.2      Division of receipts from mobile home or manufactured home license fees.
32-5-16.3      Permit required to move mobile home or manufactured home--Valid for single trip--Conditional on tax payment--Fee--Disposition of fees--Dealer--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-16.4, 32-5-16.5. Repealed.
32-5-16.6      Penalties for owner's or lender's failure to obtain tax affidavit--Notification to department.
32-5-16.7      Penalties for transporter's, manufacturer's, or dealer's failure to obtain tax affidavit--Notification to department.
32-5-16.8      Single party not to be assessed multiple penalties.
32-5-16.9      Assessment based upon mistake of fact or error of law--Hearing--Appeal.
32-5-17, 32-5-18.      Repealed.
32-5-18.1      Licensing and compensation requirements applicable to highway construction or reconstruction--Special permits not required while engaged in construction.
32-5-19, 32-5-20.      Repealed.
32-5-21      Motorbus defined--Noncommercial fee--Gross maximum weight.
32-5-22      Unregistered motor vehicles.
32-5-23      Destruction of licensed vehicle or failure of vehicle to pass inspection--Removal of plates--Credit--Replacement of plates.
32-5-24      Refund of overpayments and erroneous payments--Return of registration and stickers--Time for application.
32-5-25      Dealer's license fee.
32-5-26      Repealed.
32-5-27      Used out-of-state motor vehicles--Sale or resale--Title, taxes, and license--Exemptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-27.1      Repealed.
32-5-28      Repealed.
32-5-29      Sales of vehicles prima facie evidence that seller is used car dealer--Particular parties excepted--Violations--Misdemeanor.
32-5-30      Fee for noncommercial vehicles more than ten years old.
32-5-31      Repealed.
32-5-31.1      Transferred.
32-5-31.2, 32-5-32.      Repealed.
32-5-32.1      Transferred.
32-5-33      Repealed.
32-5-34      Repealed.
32-5-35      Transferred.
32-5-36      Transferred.
32-5-37 to 32-5-41.5.      Repealed.
32-5-42      Registration of vehicles owned by public entities, Indian tribes, ambulance services, or churches--Costs--Registration for business use.
32-5-42.1      Nonprofit community support provider vehicles--Registration--Plates--Disposition of costs.
32-5-42.2      Registration of mass transit vehicles owned by state, municipality, or county--Costs--Vehicles purchased with federal funds.
32-5-43      Identifying markings of state-owned vehicles--Exceptions--License plates.
32-5-44      Plates without yearly designation--Distinctive color--Yearly renewal dispensed with.
32-5-45      Exemption of mobile homes purchased outside state.
32-5-46      Vehicles owned by nonresidents--Compliance with laws of foreign state--Display of foreign license plates.
32-5-47      Definition of nonresident.
32-5-47.1      Military personnel, domestic volunteers, and dependents as nonresidents.
32-5-48      Reciprocity required.
32-5-49      Repealed.
32-5-49.1      Registration not required for nonresident harvest vehicles during harvest season--Compensation certificate required--Violation a misdemeanor.
32-5-50      Dealers participating in driver education program--Application to department--Fee--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-51      License plate design--Operation on highways.
32-5-52      Radius of use of vehicle--Size of first or second class municipality--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-53      Superseded.
32-5-54      Repealed.
32-5-55 to 32-5-56.1. Repealed.
32-5-57, 32-5-58.      Repealed.
32-5-59      Repealed.
32-5-60      Repealed.
32-5-61 to 32-5-64. Repealed.
32-5-65      Special plates for employees of commercial radio or broadcasting companies--Fee--Surrender of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-65.1      Special plates for amateur radio licensees--Fee--Surrender of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-66      Repealed.
32-5-67      License plate special revenue fund.
32-5-68 to 32-5-74.      Repealed.
32-5-75      Repealed.
32-5-76      Special plates for person with substantial physical disability or parent or guardian of dependant with substantial physical disability--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-76.1      Portable certificates for persons with substantial disabilities--Application--Physician's certificate--Rules--Surrender of certificate--Violations as misdemeanors.
32-5-76.2      Portable certificates for nonprofit organizations, hospitals, local government entities, etc.--Application--Rules--Surrendering certificate--Violations as misdemeanors.
32-5-76.3      Special plates for nursing facilities transporting persons with disabilities--Parking--Surrender of plates--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-77      Historical license plates--Application and fee--Permanent plates--Use of vehicle restricted.
32-5-77.1      Repealed.
32-5-77.2      Display of original number plates on historical vehicles.
32-5-77.3      Repealed.
32-5-78      General license fees in lieu of other taxes against vehicle.
32-5-79      Repealed.
32-5-80      Registration of motorcycles.
32-5-81      Application to county treasurer--Issuance of distinctive number plate--Fuel used by vehicle--Failure to identify fuel as misdemeanor.
32-5-82      Delivery or mailing of plates or stickers--Fees--Plates to be stocked at county treasurer office.
32-5-82.1      Number stickers--Evidence of current registration.
32-5-83      Design of number plates--Color contrast.
32-5-83.1      Color of number stickers--Contrast with plates.
32-5-84      Composition of number plates--Size of figures--Snowmobile tags.
32-5-84.1      Composition of stickers.
32-5-84.2      Snowmobile license must be attached.
32-5-85      Number of plates issued.
32-5-86      Reflectorized plates--Determination by department--Elimination of bids deemed not feasible.
32-5-87      Repealed.
32-5-88      Mount Rushmore design--Costs and feasibility.
32-5-89      Determination of characteristics of plate--Dealers' plates.
32-5-89.1      Omitted.
32-5-89.2      Special personalized license plates as replacement for regular plates--Restrictions.
32-5-89.3      Application for personalized plates--Fees--Validation each year with stickers--Fee disposition.
32-5-89.4      Transfer of vehicle--Removal of personalized plate required until transfer approved by secretary--Violation as petty offense.
32-5-89.5      Replacement of lost, mutilated, or destroyed personalized plates--Affidavit--Fee--Disposition of fee.
32-5-89.6      Repealed.
32-5-90      Registration--Contents--Owner's signature--Registration number.
32-5-90.1      Certified abstract of registration information--Fee.
32-5-90.2      Repealed.
32-5-91      Inspection of registration by peace officer--Possession of registration--Violation as petty offense.
32-5-92      Lost certificate of registration--Duplicate--Fee.
32-5-93      Forwarding applications to department.
32-5-94      Application and registration of vehicle--Manner to facilitate retrieval.
32-5-95      Repealed.
32-5-96      Repealed.
32-5-97      Separate numbering of different types of vehicles.
32-5-97.1      Farm vehicles--Decals.
32-5-97.2      Repealed.
32-5-98      Operation of motor vehicle without visible license plates prohibited-- Removal of unauthorized plates--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-99      Loss of plates--Issuance of duplicates--Affidavit--Fee--Disposition of fee-- Report of loss.
32-5-99.1      Repealed.
32-5-99.2      Repealed.
32-5-100      Plates as state property.
32-5-101      Operation of vehicle while registration is suspended--Misdemeanor.
32-5-102      Prosecution for assault or homicide not barred--Civil action.
32-5-103      Trafficking in license plates or decals--Counterfeiting--Unauthorized transfer to another vehicle--Misdemeanor.
32-5-103.1      Alteration or forgery of registration card--Felony.
32-5-104      Repealed.
32-5-105      Repealed.
32-5-106      Repealed.
32-5-107      Temporary permit for person in possession of title or bill of sale--Inspection of title or bill of sale--Fee.
32-5-108 to 32-5-109.7. Repealed.
32-5-110      Commemorative or souvenir license plates--Use for general transportation purposes.
32-5-111      Promulgation of rules--Duty of local officials.
32-5-112      Duties of county treasurers.
32-5-113      Special plates for firefighters--Design of plates.
32-5-114      Fee for special firefighter plates.
32-5-115      Time for retention of firefighter's plates.
32-5-116      Application to Department of Revenue for special firefighter plates.
32-5-117      Repealed.
32-5-118      Application to county treasurer for special firefighter plates--Fee.
32-5-119      Failure to apply for firefighters plates.
32-5-120      Surrender of special firefighter plates upon discharge, separation, or retirement.
32-5-121      Transfer of special firefighter plates.
32-5-122      Applicability of state motor vehicle laws to firefighters.
32-5-123      Special plates identifying Indian tribes.
32-5-124      Fee for Indian tribe license plates.
32-5-125      Replacement of Indian tribe license plates.
32-5-126      Certain trailers authorized to be licensed for more than one year--Fee.
32-5-127      Additional charges for decals and plates mailed to owner.
32-5-128      Exemption from excise tax for motor vehicles leased to tax exempt entities.
32-5-129 to 32-5-135. Repealed.
32-5-136 to 32-5-139.6. Repealed.
32-5-140      Repealed.
32-5-141      Repealed.
32-5-142      Suspension of registration, title, or license if distress warrant issued--Credit for fee paid.
32-5-143      Definitions.
32-5-144      Disclosure of personal information contained in motor vehicle records prohibited--Exceptions.
32-5-145      Personal information to be disclosed for certain purposes.
32-5-146      Disclosure to one who has subject's consent.
32-5-147      Disclosure on proof of identity of requestor and representation of use for certain limited purposes.
32-5-148      Department may impose conditions on requesting person.
32-5-149      Retention of records by certain recipients.
32-5-150      Misrepresentation by requesting person as misdemeanor--Use of personal information to commit crime of violence as felony.
32-5-151      Person in possession of title or certificate authorized to renew registration--Misrepresentation as misdemeanor.
32-5-152      Low-speed vehicles.
32-5-153      Highway patrol fee.
32-5-154      Definitions regarding military specialty plates.
32-5-155      Military specialty plates listed.
32-5-156      General requirements for military specialty plates.
32-5-157      Specific additional requirements for military specialty plates.
32-5-158      Application for military specialty plate--Falsification of application as misdemeanor--Determination of eligibility.
32-5-159      Fee for initial issuance of military specialty plates.
32-5-160      Certain military specialty plates not subject to annual registration fees--Maximum sets--Permissible vehicles.
32-5-161      Reflectorized military specialty plates--Annual decals--Permissible vehicles--Display.
32-5-162      Number and design of military specialty plates--Requirements.
32-5-163      Surrender of military specialty plates--Death of owner--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-164      Transfer of ownership of vehicle with military specialty plate--Credit--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-165      Destruction, salvage, or condemnation of vehicle with military specialty plate--Credit--Replacement--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-166      Duplicate military specialty plates upon loss, mutilation, or destruction.
32-5-167      Emblem specialty plates listed.
32-5-168      Eligibility for emblem specialty plates.
32-5-169      Reflectorized emblem specialty plates--Annual stickers--Permissible vehicles--Display.
32-5-170      Fee for emblem specialty plates.
32-5-171      Transfer of ownership of vehicle with emblem specialty plate--Credit--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-172      Destruction, salvage, or condemnation of vehicle with emblem specialty plate--Credit-- Replacement--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-5-173      Duplicate emblem specialty plates upon loss, mutilation, or destruction.
32-5-174      Retention time for emblem specialty plates.
32-5-175      Application for emblem to be used on emblem specialty plate.
32-5-176      General requirements for emblem specialty plates.
32-5-177      Specific additional requirements for emblem specialty plates.
32-5-178      Furnishing emblem upon approval for use on emblem specialty plates--Administration--Misuse as misdemeanor.
32-5-179      Special interest motor vehicle plates--Application.
32-5-180      Design of special interest motor vehicle plates--Decals--Rear plates.
32-5-181      Fees for special interest motor vehicle plates.
32-5-182      Contents of application for special interest motor vehicle plate--Renewal.
32-5-183      Misuse of special interest motor vehicle plate.
32-5-184      Dignity sculpture special plates.
32-5-185      Fee for Dignity sculpture plates.
32-5-186      Lost, stolen, or mutilated Dignity sculpture plate.
32-5-187      Electric bicycle exempt from chapter.

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