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34-25-8 Birth registration--Certificate of live birth--Time for filing--Availability of records.
     34-25-8.   Birth registration--Certificate of live birth--Time for filing--Availability of records. The birth of every child born in this state shall be registered as provided in this chapter. Within seven days after the date of each live birth, there shall be filed with the department by electronic means if a facility has such capabilities, or otherwise if electronic means are not available, a certificate of such birth. The certificate shall be upon the form prescribed by the department. For certificates of birth filed after seven days, but within one year from the date of birth, the department may, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, require additional evidence in support of the facts of birth.
     Informational copies of birth records shall be available to any person who can identify the birth record by providing the name of the person on the birth record, the date of birth, the mother's maiden name, or additional information required to locate the record. Nothing in this section prohibits the release of information contained on a birth record which would not identify any person named in the record.
     If one hundred years have elapsed after the date of birth, the records of the birth in the custody of the department shall become available to the public without restriction. The department shall promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, to provide for the continued safekeeping of these records.

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Chapter 34-25

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