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34-31A-1      Temporary.
34-31A-2      Electors' petition to establish district--County commissioners' resolution to initiate proceedings.
34-31A-3      Inclusion of municipality in district.
34-31A-4      Contents of petition or resolution--Plat or map.
34-31A-5      Examination of petition by auditor--Time and place of hearing.
34-31A-6      Auditor's action where two or more counties included--Time and place of joint hearing.
34-31A-7      Publication of notice of commissioners' hearing.
34-31A-8      County commissioners' hearing on organization of district--Determination and order as to district and boundaries.
34-31A-9      Time and place of meeting of resident property owners of district.
34-31A-10 to 34-31A-12.      Repealed.
34-31A-13      Election of first board of directors.
34-31A-14      Election of officers.
34-31A-15      Terms of directors and officers--Compensation of rural fire protection district director.
34-31A-15.1      Filling of vacancy on board of directors.
34-31A-16      District as body corporate and politic.
34-31A-17      General powers of directors.
34-31A-18      District contracts with other agencies or nonprofit corporations for fire protection--Validity of contracts.
34-31A-19      State system of rural fire protection routings.
34-31A-20      Preparation of annual budget--Certification of estimated tax levy.
34-31A-21      Certification of budget estimates to county auditor--Tax levy.
34-31A-22      Maximum tax levy.
34-31A-23      Tax levy not to exceed estimates of expenses.
34-31A-24      Collection of taxes.
34-31A-25      Tax proceeds to secretary-treasurer--Surety bond.
34-31A-26, 34-31A-27.      Transferred.
34-31A-28      Fire protection payments by tax-exempt organizations--Minimum--Assessment.
34-31A-29      Annual statement of payments by tax-exempt organizations.
34-31A-30      Expenditure of payments by tax-exempt organizations.
34-31A-31      Maximum indebtedness of district--Borrowing power.
34-31A-32      Deposit in bank of district receipts--Warrants for disbursement.
34-31A-33      Claim vouchers for district funds.
34-31A-34      Filing of financial report with county auditor--Examination of district records.
34-31A-35      Change of district boundaries--Prior rights unimpaired--Liability for debts.
34-31A-36      Procedure for annexation of territory.
34-31A-37      Annexation resolution or petition filed with county auditor.
34-31A-38      Auditor's examination of annexation petition--Papers forwarded to directors.
34-31A-39      Transmittal of annexation petition or resolution to county board--Approval or disapproval by directors.

34-31A-40      Annexation petition rejected if directors disapprove.
34-31A-41      Notice of commissioners' hearing on annexation petition.
34-31A-42      County commissioners' determination on proposed annexation.
34-31A-43      Annual meeting of registered voters of district--Special meetings--Annual election--Notice of election.
34-31A-44      Secretary-treasurer's report at annual public meeting.
34-31A-45      Deferred compensation program for volunteer firefighters--Establishment and management--Participation optional.
34-31A-46      Election by territory residents on annexation of territory.
34-31A-47      General election combined with regular municipal election.

Title 34
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