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34A-13-1      Definition of terms.
34A-13-2, 34A-13-3. Repealed.
34A-13-4      Immediate corrective action by department.
34A-13-5      Joint adoption of response procedure.
34A-13-6      Repealed.
34A-13-7      Furnishing of information to director--Denial of benefits based on failure to furnish information.
34A-13-8      Examination of records--Entering upon public or private property--Denial of benefits based upon failure to allow access to property and documents.
34A-13-8.1      Reimbursement by fund for corrective action costs--Limitation--Costs for releases.
34A-13-8.2      Percentage of deductible waived for certain releases.
34A-13-8.3      Limitation on reimbursement for release sites.
34A-13-8.4      Defense costs of certain third-party claims.
34A-13-8.5      Reimbursement to covered party.
34A-13-9      Cost of corrective action--Amount of reimbursement--Exceptions.
34A-13-9.1      Conditions for reimbursement.
34A-13-9.2      Subrogation of fund--Right to recover.
34A-13-10      Avoidance of liability by conveyance or agreement prohibited--Exceptions.
34A-13-11      Recovery of expenses in civil action--Prima facie evidence of reasonable expenses--Disposition of recovered funds.
34A-13-12      Administrative, civil, injunctive, and criminal remedies allowed where pursued by department--Exhaustion of administrative remedies not required.
34A-13-12.1      Administrative, civil, injunctive, and criminal remedies allowed where pursued by director--Exhaustion of administrative remedies not required.
34A-13-13      Repealed.
34A-13-14      Petroleum Release Compensation Board--Appointment of members--Terms.
34A-13-15      Employment of staff--Costs and appropriations--Delegation of authority.
34A-13-16      Adoption of rules and procedures.
34A-13-16.1      Training and testing of persons who perform services to be reimbursed.
34A-13-17      Attachment of fund to Department of Environment and Natural Resources--Reimbursement of costs.
34A-13-18      Deposit and crediting of revenue.
34A-13-19      Repealed.
34A-13-20      Petroleum release compensation and tank inspection fee--Amount of fee--Allocation of revenue.
34A-13-21      Repealed.
34A-13-22      Payment of fee on monthly basis--Rules.
34A-13-23      Audits of persons subject to fee.
34A-13-24      Failure to pay fee as misdemeanor--Subsequent violation as felony.
34A-13-25      Notice of suspension of benefits--Notice to department--Appeal for reinstatement of benefits--Ratification of certain suspensions and reinstatements.
34A-13-26      Administration of provisions.

34A-13-27      Fund expenditures.
34A-13-28 to 34A-13-30. Repealed.
34A-13-31      Determination of cost as actual, reasonable, and not in excess of petroleum remediation requirements--Reduction for ineligible claims.
34A-13-32      Continuous appropriation to board for making reimbursements and other purposes--Submission of administrative budget for approval.
34A-13-33      Liability of covered party not limited by reimbursement.
34A-13-34      Reimbursement paid to third party who performed cleanup not subject to attachment--Board and fund not subject to legal process, attachment.
34A-13-35      Repealed.
34A-13-36      Repealed.
34A-13-37      Repealed.
34A-13-38      Repealed.
34A-13-39      Short title.
34A-13-40      Limits of reimbursement for corrective action and third party claims.
34A-13-41      Reimbursement to licensed petroleum marketers and other tank owners.
34A-13-42      Rules for amount, terms and period of third-party reimbursement.
34A-13-43      Repealed.
34A-13-44      Repealed.
34A-13-44.1      Third-party damages--Benefits intended in or on behalf of covered party.
34A-13-45      Damage prior to April 1, 1990.
34A-13-46      Tanks at abandoned sites.
34A-13-47      Time limit for third-party claim.
34A-13-48      Private insurance as risktaker--Annual report identifying potential companies.
34A-13-49      Abandoned tank removal program created--Eligibility for participation.
34A-13-50      Scope of program.
34A-13-51      Repealed.
34A-13-52      Department responsible for tank removal and corrective actions under program--Director to make payments from fund.
34A-13-53      Promulgation of rules.
34A-13-54      Director to suspend payments except at high-risk sites when fund balance is two million dollars or less.

Title 34A
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