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35-4-1      Beverages to which chapter applies.
35-4-2      Classes of licenses enumerated--Fees.
35-4-2.1      Repealed.
35-4-2.2      Repealed.
35-4-2.3      Repealed.
35-4-2.4      Eligibility of municipality for wine, cider, or malt beverage license.
35-4-2.5      Repealed.
35-4-2.6      Repealed.
35-4-2.7      Repealed.
35-4-2.8      Possession of more than one license--Exercise of privileges.
35-4-2.9      Repealed.
35-4-2.10      Repealed.
35-4-2.11      Distribution of license and transfer fees and penalties.
35-4-2.12      Regulation of alcoholic beverages aboard conveyances.
35-4-3      Repealed.
35-4-4      Repealed.
35-4-4.1      Repealed.
35-4-5      Repealed.
35-4-5.1      Manufacturers and retailers may not be granted wholesale license.
35-4-5.2 to 35-4-5.4.      Repealed.
35-4-5.5      Repealed.
35-4-6      Off-sale licensees to operate within municipality or improvement district.
35-4-6.1      Obsolete.
35-4-7 to 35-4-9.      Repealed.
35-4-10      Number of off-sale licenses restricted by population.
35-4-10.1      Repealed .
35-4-10.2      Off-sale licensees permitted to provide free samples--No additional license required--Restrictions--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-10.3      Manufacturers and wholesalers permitted to provide samples on licensed retailer premises.
35-4-11      Municipal determination of number of licenses and amount of fees--Maximum number of on-sale licenses.
35-4-11.1      County determination of number of on-sale licenses and amount of fees--Number restricted by population--Denial of reissuance.
35-4-11.2      Convention facility on-sale licenses issued by municipalities.
35-4-11.3      Repealed.
35-4-11.4, 35-4-11.5. Repealed.
35-4-11.6      Repealed.
35-4-11.7, 35-4-11.8. Repealed.
35-4-11.9, 35-4-11.10.      Repealed .
35-4-11.11      Additional convention facility on-sale licenses authorized--Exempt from provisions of ยง 35-4-4.
35-4-11.12      On-sale licenses for improvement districts.
35-4-11.13      Hunting preserve facility on-sale license.
35-4-12      Repealed.
35-4-13      Continuation of on-sale license despite annexation by municipality or county--Exception to restrictions on number of licenses.

35-4-13.1      Repealed.
35-4-14      On-sale license for publicly operated airport.
35-4-14.1      On-sale license issued to municipal auditorium or convention hall.
35-4-14.2 to 35-4-14.4. Repealed.
35-4-15 to 35-4-18.      Repealed.
35-4-19      Licensed municipalities permitted to issue certain licenses--Operating agreements permitted.
35-4-19.1      Full-service restaurant on-sale license provisions applicable to municipalities and operating agreement holders.
35-4-20      Repealed.
35-4-21      Contents of operating agreements.
35-4-22      Agreement for operation of municipal off-sale establishment.
35-4-22.1      License renewal of off-sale licensee outside of boundaries.
35-4-23      Contents of agreement for operation of municipal off-sale establishment.
35-4-24 to 35-4-40.      Repealed.
35-4-41      Duration and expiration of licenses--Full fee charged for part of year.
35-4-42, 35-4-43.      Repealed.
35-4-44      Repealed.
35-4-45      Bonded warehouse permitted to store beverages--Additional bond required.
35-4-46      Repealed.
35-4-47      Sources from which wholesalers may receive beverages.
35-4-48      Repealed.
35-4-49      Repealed.
35-4-50      Restrictions on sales by wholesalers.
35-4-51      Repealed.
35-4-52      Prohibited sales practices by manufacturers and wholesalers.
35-4-53 to 35-4-59.      Repealed.
35-4-60      Retailers permitted to purchase only from wholesalers.
35-4-60.1      Wholesalers to purchase only from brand owner or brand owner's agent or licensed wholesaler .
35-4-60.2      Purchase from municipality of malt beverages by certain licensees--Price charged.
35-4-60.3      Certain licensees permitted to purchase from wholesalers and retailers.
35-4-61      Repealed.
35-4-62 to 35-4-65.      Repealed.
35-4-66      Restrictions on transportation of beverages.
35-4-67      Restrictions on importation of beverages.
35-4-68 to 35-4-70.      Repealed.
35-4-71      Sale of alcohol by dispensers restricted.
35-4-72, 35-4-73.      Repealed.
35-4-74      Delivery prohibited except by off-sale delivery licensees--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-75      Service by on-sale licensees restricted to premises--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-75.1 to 35-4-77.      Repealed.
35-4-77.1      Sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on sidewalk abutting licensed premises permitted by ordinance.
35-4-78      Sale of alcoholic beverage to obviously intoxicated person prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil liability.
35-4-78.1 to 35-4-78.4. Repealed.
35-4-79      Persons under twenty-one years old not permitted to loiter on on-sale or off-sale premises or to sell, serve, or consume beverages--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-79.1, 35-4-79.2.      Repealed .
35-4-79.3      Repealed .
35-4-79.4      Exception to prohibition on sales or service by persons under twenty-one years old--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-80      Repealed.
35-4-81      Restriction by ordinance of sales, service, and consumption on certain days.
35-4-81.1      Repealed.
35-4-81.2      Times when beverage sales, service, and consumption prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-82 to 35-4-84.      Repealed.
35-4-85      Repealed.
35-4-86      Repealed.
35-4-87, 35-4-88.      Repealed.
35-4-89      Repealed.
35-4-90 to 35-4-92.      Repealed.
35-4-93      Repealed.
35-4-94 to 35-4-98.      Repealed .
35-4-99      Display of health warning sign--Violation as petty offense.
35-4-100      Health warning sign--Contents--Copy provided to licensees.
35-4-101      Minibars authorized in hotels or motels.
35-4-102      Minibars--Beverage sizes--Age limit--Access.
35-4-103      Annual additional license fee for video lottery machines on licensed premises.
35-4-104, 35-4-105. Repealed.
35-4-106      License at county or municipal golf course.
35-4-107      Resort facility on-sale license--Resort facility defined--Terms of license--Application.
35-4-108, 35-4-109. Repealed.
35-4-110      Definition of terms pertaining to full-service restaurant on-sale licenses.
35-4-111      Full-service restaurant on-sale licenses.
35-4-112      Documentation in support of initial application for full-service restaurant on-sale license.
35-4-113      Renewal of full-service restaurant on-sale license--Annual report.
35-4-114      On-premise consumption required.
35-4-115      Advertisement of full-service restaurant.
35-4-116      Fees for additional on-sale licenses to full-service restaurants.
35-4-117      Price of full-service restaurant on-sale license set at or above current fair market value.
35-4-118      Registry of full-service restaurant on-sale licenses.
35-4-119      Registration that full-service restaurant on-sale license is for sale.
35-4-120      Certain licensees to report amount paid for other licenses--Objection to report--Hearing--Appeal.
35-4-121, 35-4-122.      Repealed .
35-4-123      County fairground on-sale license.
35-4-124      Special alcoholic beverage licenses issued in conjunction with special events.
35-4-124.1      Donation of beverages to civic, charitable, educational, fraternal, or veterans organization holding special events license .
35-4-125      Application for special alcoholic beverage license--Fee.
35-4-126      Repealed.
35-4-127      Off-sale delivery license.
35-4-128      Manufacture, sale, or possession of powdered, condensed, or concentrated alcohol prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
35-4-129      Sale of alcoholic beverages below cost prohibited--Exception.

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