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36-33-1      Marriage and family therapy defined.
36-33-2      Board defined.
36-33-3      Repealed.
36-33-4      Practice without license a misdemeanor.
36-33-5      Unauthorized use of title of marriage and family therapist.
36-33-6      Advertisement by unlicensed person prohibited.
36-33-7      Persons exempted from chapter.
36-33-8      Performance of, and advertising of, marriage and family therapy by other qualified professional.
36-33-9      Application for license--Requirements--Fee.
36-33-10      Repealed.
36-33-11      Examination required.
36-33-12      Reexamination.
36-33-13      Expiration of license--Renewal--Fee.
36-33-14      Continuing education requirements--Waiver.
36-33-15      Restoration of inactive license to active status.
36-33-16      Nonrenewal for two consecutive terms requires reexamination.
36-33-17      Promulgation of rules establishing fees.
36-33-18      Licensing of out-of-state applicant.
36-33-19      Grounds for denial, revocation, or suspension of license.
36-33-20      Reasons for initiating cancellation, revocation, or suspension proceedings.
36-33-21      Majority vote required in cancellation, revocation, or suspension proceedings.
36-33-22      Procedure for cancellation, revocation, or suspension proceedings.
36-33-23      Appeal by aggrieved party in proceedings to deny, cancel, revoke, or suspend license.
36-33-24      Reinstatement or reissuance of canceled, suspended or revoked license.
36-33-25      Secretary-treasurer to keep list of licensees--Availability of list.
36-33-26      Board to recommend prosecution or civil actions for violations.
36-33-27      Investigation and report of alleged violations--Special counsel authorized.
36-33-28      Injunction against violator as alternative to criminal proceedings.
36-33-29      Confidentiality of information acquired in therapy.
36-33-30      Testimony by therapist in alimony or divorce action.
36-33-31      Duty to warn against client's violent behavior.
36-33-32      Discharge of duty to warn.
36-33-33      Promulgation of rules.

Title 36
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