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38-19-1      Definition of terms.
38-19-2      Repealed.
38-19-2.1      Commercial fertilizer distribution license required--Fee--Penalty for violation--Notice.
38-19-2.2      Name and address required on application for distribution license and to appear on other materials of licensee.
38-19-3      Repealed.
38-19-3.1, 38-19-3.2. Repealed.
38-19-4      Repealed.
38-19-4.1      Repealed.
38-19-5      Guaranteed analysis defined.
38-19-6 to 38-19-9. Repealed .
38-19-10      Inspection fee on fertilizer distributed in state--Rules.
38-19-10.1      Additional inspection fee deposited in precision agriculture fund.
38-19-11      Repealed.
38-19-12      Annual tonnage report--Inspection fees.
38-19-13      Repealed.
38-19-14      Fertilizer fund--Administration--Expenditures.
38-19-15      Labels required for fertilizer in containers--Contents.
38-19-16      Information to accompany bulk shipments--Fertilizer formulated under specifications furnished by consumer.
38-19-16.1      Labeling requirements applied to sewage sludge distributor--Availability of analyses.
38-19-17      Fertilizer deemed misbranded.
38-19-18      Fertilizer deemed adulterated.
38-19-19      Sale or distribution of adulterated or misbranded fertilizer as misdemeanor.
38-19-20      Repealed.
38-19-21 to 38-19-23. Repealed.
38-19-23.1      Repealed.
38-19-24      Intimate and uniform mixture required in custom mixing.
38-19-25      Repealed.
38-19-26      Guaranteed analysis of custom mix or fertilizer materials.
38-19-27      Sales and exchanges to manufacturers and mixers exempt from requirements.
38-19-28      Recommendation of grades of fertilizers for use in state--Publication of recommended lists.
38-19-29      Repealed.
38-19-30      Inspection and sampling to determine compliance with chapter.
38-19-30.1      Proof of claims required of licensed applicant or registrant--Sources of proof.
38-19-31      Manner of drawing and sealing official samples--Forwarding to director of laboratories.
38-19-32      Examination of samples and reports by director of laboratories.
38-19-33      Analytical methods used by director of laboratories.
38-19-34      Publication of analyses--Dissemination of information.
38-19-35      Annual publication of fertilizer data and analysis results--Separation by semiannual periods.
38-19-36      Rules and regulations for labeling, storage, and distribution.
38-19-36.1      Rules for siting of ammonia, fertilizer, and fertilizer production facilities.
38-19-36.2      Operation of bulk commercial fertilizer storage facility without permit prohibited-- Rules--Revocation of permit--Violation as misdemeanor.
38-19-36.3      Civil penalty--Injunctive relief.
38-19-36.4      "Anhydrous ammonia" defined.
38-19-36.5      Mishandling anhydrous ammonia or tampering with equipment and facilities prohibited--Violation as felony--Civil penalty.
38-19-36.6      Action for damages against certain persons unavailable to person who tampers with equipment.
38-19-36.7      Section 38-19-36.6 not applicable against unlawful possessor of anhydrous ammonia.
38-19-36.8      Assumption of risk by person tampering with anhydrous ammonia--Immunity from liability for owners.
38-19-36.9      Owner of anhydrous ammonia defined.
38-19-36.10      Tampering defined.
38-19-37      Secretary charged with enforcement--Access to property and records.
38-19-37.1      Secretary to be given copies of labels and labeling.
38-19-38      Stop-sale orders against fertilizer in violation.
38-19-39      Seizure and condemnation of fertilizer in violation--Disposal--Release to claimant.
38-19-40      Injunction to prevent violations.
38-19-41      Violation of chapter, rule or regulation as misdemeanor.
38-19-42      Repealed.
38-19-43      Discretion in prosecution of minor violations--Warning.
38-19-44      Repealed.
38-19-45      Severability of provisions.
38-19-46      Promulgation of rules for transportation, use, application, disposal, or notice of fertilizer application.
38-19-47      Refusal or cancellation of commercial fertilizer distribution license for noncompliance--Opportunity to be heard.
38-19-48      Nutrient research and education fund created.
38-19-49      Deposit of inspection fees into nutrient research and education fund--Purposes of disbursements.
38-19-50      Nutrient Research and Education Council created--Membership.
38-19-51      Duties of Nutrient Research and Education Council.

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