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39-5-1 to 39-5-4. Repealed.
39-5-5      Sign and labeling required for sale of imported meat--Misdemeanor.
39-5-6      Definition of terms.
39-5-7      Enforcement of chapter by secretary through inspectors and employees of Animal Industry Board.
39-5-8      Rules and regulations of secretary--Reports required--Conformity of rules to Federal Wholesome Meat Act.
39-5-9      Power of secretary to administer oaths and require attendance of witnesses--Self-incrimination privilege of witnesses.
39-5-10      Cooperation by secretary with federal, state or local agencies--Acceptance of federal aid.
39-5-11      Exemptions from inspection and preparation provisions.
39-5-11.1      License required for meat processors.
39-5-11.2      Continuing education for meat processor.
39-5-12      Withdrawal or denial of exemption by secretary.
39-5-13      Acts or transactions and carcasses, parts or meat food products regulated under Federal Wholesome Meat Act exempt.
39-5-14      Adulterated carcass, part, or meat food product defined.
39-5-15      Application for inspection services.
39-5-16      Ante-mortem inspection of livestock.
39-5-17      Post-mortem inspection of carcasses and parts--Inspection of meat food products.
39-5-18      Inspections made by or under supervision of veterinary inspectors.
39-5-19      Cost of inspection--Rates for overtime, night, and holiday work.
39-5-20      Quarantine, segregation, and reinspection of livestock, carcasses and parts, and meat food products.
39-5-21      Condemnation and destruction of adulterated carcasses, parts, and meat food products--Reprocessing authorized.
39-5-22      Appeal from condemnation determination--Inspection and costs--Destruction of articles.
39-5-23      Refusal or withdrawal of inspection--Grounds and procedure for action by secretary.
39-5-23.1      Inhumane slaughtering--Refusal or suspension of inspection.
39-5-23.2      Humane methods of slaughtering.
39-5-24      Facilities and sanitary practices of establishments operated in accordance with regulations of secretary--Inspection of carcasses, parts, or meat food products required for admittance into establishment.
39-5-25      Regulation of entry and handling of equine carcasses and products or other meat food products in official establishments.
39-5-26      Misbranded carcass, part, or meat food product defined.
39-5-27      Labeling and marking of carcasses, parts, meat food products or containers required.
39-5-28      Labeling and marking styles and sizes of type--Definitions and standards of identity or composition and standards of fill of container prescribed by secretary.
39-5-29      False or misleading marking or labeling or misleading container prohibited.
39-5-30      Determination and modification by secretary of false or misleading marking, labeling, or container--Hearing on determination.
39-5-31      Meat processors and related industries subject to regulation by secretary.
39-5-32      Meat and meat products not to be used for human consumption--Denaturing or identification as inedible required.

39-5-33      Registration of meat brokers, renderers, animal food manufacturers, wholesalers or warehousemen.
39-5-34      Regulation of dealing in diseased, dying, crippled or dead livestock.
39-5-35      Disposal of carcasses, parts, or meat food products from noncomplying official establishments.
39-5-36      Records required of all types of meat businesses.
39-5-37      Detention of carcass, part, or meat food product, inedible product, or dying, crippled or diseased livestock--Grounds and procedure for action by secretary.
39-5-38      Seizure and condemnation of articles or animals in violation--Procedure for disposal of articles or animals.
39-5-39      Prohibited acts.
39-5-39.1      Sale of diseased carcass for human consumption as felony.
39-5-40      Repealed.
39-5-41      Principal or employer liable for acts or omissions of agent or employee.
39-5-42      Notice of report of violation by secretary to state's attorney--Warning notice by secretary authorized.
39-5-43      Circuit court jurisdiction.
39-5-44      Notice of operation of inspection and regulatory provisions.
39-5-45      Severability of chapter.
39-5-46 to 39-5-54. Transferred.

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