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4-5-42 Prudent investment defined--Liability.
     4-5-42.   Prudent investment defined--Liability. The state investment officer and the State Investment Council is entitled to conclusively rely, without any duty or obligation for further inquiry, diligence, or investigation, upon the certification of the Health and Educational Facilities Authority as described in § 4-5-41 and written evidence that the Governor has not disapproved the investment as described in § 4-5-40. Any agreement or other arrangement entered into by the State Investment Council and state investment officer pursuant to §§ 4-5-40 to 4-5-44 shall be deemed a prudent investment in full compliance with the requirements of the Constitution and all statutes and applicable common law, including, without limitation, §§ 4-5-27 and 4-5-29. No personal liability adheres to the state investment officer or the State Investment Council by reason of the agreement or arrangement.

Source: SL 1998, ch 24, § 3.

Chapter 4-5

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