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40-19-1      Use of unregistered brand as misdemeanor.
40-19-2      Exclusive right to use brand after registration.
40-19-2.1      Placement of brand.
40-19-3      Single symbol brand not recordable--Validity of presently recorded brands--Exception for sheep--Hot iron or paint for sheep.
40-19-4      Filing of application for brand--Facsimile included.
40-19-5      Application form--Notice if brand recordable--Fees.
40-19-6      Registration of brand--Certificate of registration.
40-19-7      Rejection of brands by board--Grounds--Composition of brands--Location on animal as part of brand.
40-19-8      Repealed.
40-19-9      Rejection of brand adding symbol to existing brand--Exception.
40-19-10      Repealed.
40-19-10.1      Permit required for cattle branded with out-of-state brand--Cattle purchased for export--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-19-11      Registration of brands approved--Preservation of applications on certificates--Registration and renewal fees.
40-19-12      Five-year renewal of brands--Renewal fee.
40-19-13      Abandonment of brand by failure to renew.
40-19-13.1      Cancellation of certificate paid for with bad check.
40-19-14      Rerecordation of cancelled brand by previous owner after first two years.
40-19-15      Change of registration on receipt of bill of sale--Fees for recording transfers--Certain brands not to be transferred to separate owners.
40-19-16      Replacement of lost or destroyed certificate--Affidavit--Fee.
40-19-17      Cancellation of brand conflicting with previous brand.
40-19-18      Cancellation of brand used for felony or theft.
40-19-19      Replacement brand for canceled brand--Application--No assessment of fee.
40-19-20      Conflict by unrecorded brand--Statement by users of registered brand--Notice and hearing or statement by user of unrecorded brand--Notice to discontinue use--Liability for damages--Misdemeanor.
40-19-21      Unlawful use of brand as misdemeanor.
40-19-22      Fees paid into brand fund--Purposes for which used.
40-19-23      Administrative expenses paid from brand fund--Vouchers and warrants--Publication and sale of brand books and supplements.
40-19-23.1      Brand board activities.
40-19-24      Registered brand as prima facie evidence of ownership--Copy of register as proof of brand.
40-19-25      Misuse or alteration of brand as felony.
40-19-26      Property rights unimpaired.
40-19-27      Repealed.

Title 40
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