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40-23-1      Definition and purposes of grazing district.
40-23-2      Number of incorporators--Filing of articles.
40-23-3      Execution and contents of articles of incorporation.
40-23-4      Filing of map showing boundaries--Revision on change of boundaries--Revocation of lease for failure to file.
40-23-5      Arbitration of overlapping district boundaries.
40-23-6      Power to lease, acquire, and dispose of land.
40-23-7      Power to lease county land.
40-23-8      Fences, reservoirs, and facilities for care of livestock.
40-23-9      Power to apportion grazing rights among members.
40-23-10      Adoption of bylaws--Amendment.
40-23-11      Contents of bylaws.
40-23-12      Right to membership in district--Compliance with requirements.
40-23-13      Voting by members.
40-23-14      Membership rights on transfer of land.
40-23-15      Directors to exercise corporate power.
40-23-16      Directors' power to lease land.
40-23-17      Directors' regulations--Manner of utilizing grazing.
40-23-18      Directors' apportionment of grazing rights among members.
40-23-19      Fencing and assignment of exclusive use of areas.
40-23-20      Grazing permits to nonmembers.
40-23-21      Fees and assessments determined by directors.
40-23-22      Requirements as to male animals.
40-23-23      Reserves established by directors.
40-23-24      Purchase or lease of county lands.
40-23-25      Exemption of county land from usual leasing requirements--Leased tax deed lands not subject to sale--Option for purchase by district.
40-23-26      Regulatory powers retained by county commissioners on leased land.
40-23-27      Rentals for county lands--Variable scale.
40-23-28      Noncompliance with requirements as ground for forfeiture of county lease.
40-23-29      Exchange of county land for private land within grazing district.
40-23-30      Distribution of property on dissolution of grazing district.

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