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41-10-1      Definition of terms.
41-10-2      Issuance and renewal of operating permits.
41-10-3      Application for permit--Maximum area of preserve.
41-10-4      Fee for permit.
41-10-4.5      Notice of application--Submission of opinion--Status as interested party--Notice of decision.
41-10-5      Repealed.
41-10-6      Inspection of shooting preserve area--Evaluation of applicant's ability.
41-10-7      Issuance of permit--Criteria established--Effective date of certain provisions.
41-10-7.1      Contested case hearing upon denial of shooting preserve operating permit--Request.
41-10-7.2      Contested case hearing upon grant of new shooting preserve operating permit--Request.
41-10-8      Consent to entry and search of premises by officer--Noncompliance as misdemeanor.
41-10-9      Species of game hunted under chapter.
41-10-10      Marking of game released--Unmarked game deemed wild.
41-10-11      Season for shooting preserves.
41-10-12      Resident basic game and fish license or nonresident general hunting license required on preserve--Habitat restoration stamp--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-10-13      Game taken on preserve by licensed hunter.
41-10-14      Shooting hours, fees, and limitations on game species.
41-10-15      Repealed.
41-10-16      Tagging of pen raised or wild game taken by licensed hunter on shooting preserve.
41-10-17      Guest register and records required of permittee--Inspection by department--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-10-18      Owning, operating, leasing, or controlling shooting preserve without license--Misdemeanor.
41-10-19      Revocation or suspension of permit.
41-10-20      Appeal to circuit court from suspension or revocation of permit.
41-10-21      Citation of chapter.

Title 41
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