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41-20-1 to 41-20-6. Repealed.
41-20-7      Repealed.
41-20-8 to 41-20-8.3. Repealed.
41-20-8.4 to 41-20-8.8. Repealed.
41-20-9 to 41-20-13. Repealed.
41-20-14      Definitions.
41-20-15      Promulgation of rules.
41-20-16      State forester--Qualifications and authority.
41-20-17      Duties of state forester.
41-20-18      Assistance in management and protection of forestland, woodland, shelterbelt, and rangeland.
41-20-19      Assistance in tree planting.
41-20-20      Preference to trees and seeds grown in state and to state dealers.
41-20-21      Repealed.
41-20-22      Forestry fund.
41-20-23      Conservation and development of forests and timber.
41-20-24      Control and mitigation of damage by forest insects and diseases.
41-20-25      Entry on private land to locate forest insect or disease infestation.
41-20-26      Reimbursement of landowner for control measures.
41-20-27      Infestation control by state forester--Cost charged to landowner.
41-20-28      Certification and collection of costs as taxes.

Title 41
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