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41-6-1      Exempt persons--Conditions and rules.
41-6-2      License not required to hunt certain animals or fish on owned or leased land during open season.
41-6-3      License not required to hunt fur-bearing animals on own land during open season.
41-6-4      License not required of resident under sixteen to hunt fur-bearing animals.
41-6-5      License not required to kill raccoons, skunks, fox, and badger doing damage.
41-6-6      Fishing license not required of resident under sixteen.
41-6-7      Entry of unlicensed person onto boundary waters from South Dakota for hunting or fishing as misdemeanor.
41-6-8      Nonresident hunting or fishing on boundary waters without license or carrying game into South Dakota as misdemeanor.
41-6-9      Repealed.
41-6-10      Licenses, stamps, and permits enumerated--Fees set by commission.
41-6-10.1      Combination licenses--Issuance.
41-6-10.2      Certain disabled residents and residents held as prisoners of war eligible for reduced license fees.
41-6-11      Repealed.
41-6-12      Resident and nonresident licenses and preference points--Minimum age.
41-6-13      Parental application for basic license for minor less than sixteen--Restrictions and requirements--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-14      Safety instruction required for licensing of child under sixteen--Fee waived.
41-6-15      Repealed.
41-6-15.1      Repealed.
41-6-16      Resident licenses, permits, and stamps for hunting of small game, migratory birds, and migratory waterfowl--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-16.1      Repealed.
41-6-16.2      License not required of resident on active duty in U.S. armed forces--Exception for migratory bird hunting.
41-6-17      Nonresident licenses and permits for hunting of small game and migratory birds--Privileges--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-18      Repealed.
41-6-18.1      Nonresident waterfowl license, migratory bird permit, and federal stamp required--Violation as misdemeanor--Number of licenses.
41-6-18.2      Limitation of number of nonresident waterfowl licenses--Lottery selection.
41-6-18.3      Repealed.
41-6-18.4      Temporary nonresident waterfowl licenses--Promulgation of rules--Number of licenses--Disposition of revenue.
41-6-19      Resident big game license--Privileges and fee--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-19.1      Resident elk license--Privileges and fee--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-19.2      Repealed.
41-6-19.3      Resident farmer or rancher limited deer or antelope license.
41-6-19.4      Immediate family defined for limited deer permit.
41-6-19.5      Conditions applicable to limited deer permit and antlerless deer licenses--Eligibility for subsequent season.
41-6-19.6      Nonrefundable application fee for resident bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or elk license--Drawing--Use of proceeds--Rules.
41-6-19.7      License issued to national guard member called to active duty.

41-6-19.8      Resident antlerless deer licenses restricted to farm or ranch lands owned or leased by license holder.
41-6-20      Nonresident big game license--Privileges--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-21      Limiting number of big game licenses--Preferences in eligibility--Application by ineligible person as misdemeanor.
41-6-22      Big game transportation permit--Issuance and use in transporting game--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-23      Fur-bearing animal hunting and trapping license--Privileges--Activities for which license not required--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-23.1      Reciprocal nonresident license to take fur-bearing animals.
41-6-24      Repealed.
41-6-25      Fur dealer's license--Privileges--License valid for one year--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-26      Revocation of fur dealer's license--New license prohibited for two years.
41-6-27      Resident wild turkey license--Privileges--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-28      Nonresident wild turkey license--Privileges--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-29      Permit to kill animal or bird doing damage--Animal or bird as property of state--Disposition--Violation a misdemeanor.
41-6-29.1      Issuance of depredation permits--Application procedures--Fee--Limit on permits--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-29.2      Killing of mountain lion permitted under certain circumstances--Notification of conservation officer.
41-6-30      Nonresident predator/varmint license--Privileges--When license not required--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-31      Breeding and domesticating license--Privileges granted--Annual report to secretary--Sale and shipment of animals or birds--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-31.1      Upland game birds raised in captivity and derived products deemed agricultural products.
41-6-32      Scientific collector's license--Privileges--Approval.
41-6-33      Taxidermist's license--Privileges--Records--Inspections--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-34      Repealed.
41-6-35      Resident fishing license--Privileges--Exemption from fee.
41-6-36      Nonresident fishing license--Privileges.
41-6-37      Temporary fishing license--Privileges.
41-6-37.1      Nonresident family fishing license.
41-6-37.2      Nursing facility group fishing license--Fees and regulations set by commission--Resident defined.
41-6-38      Hoop net, trap, or setline license--Privileges and fees--Tagging of devices used--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-39      Private fish hatchery license--Privileges granted--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-40      Fishing allowed to purchaser from private fish hatchery--Removal of fish caught.
41-6-41      Fishing license not required to fish in private hatchery.
41-6-42      Repealed.
41-6-43      Records and reports required of private fish hatchery.
41-6-44      Resident wholesale bait dealer license--Privileges granted--Rules--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-44.1      Nonresident wholesale bait dealer license--Privileges granted--Rules--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-45      Retail bait dealer licenses for residents and nonresidents--Privileges granted--Sale to dealers prohibited--Rules--License not required for residents under 16--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-45.1      Export bait dealer license--Privileges granted--Rules--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-46      Repealed.
41-6-47, 41-6-48. Repealed.
41-6-49 to 41-6-51. Repealed.
41-6-52      Application for resident license by nonresidents prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-53      Persons to whom nonresident or visitor's license issued--Fishing license not required for nonresident under sixteen.
41-6-54      Repealed.
41-6-55      One license of any type to one person--Exceptions--Sale of additional license of same type--License types.
41-6-56, 41-6-57. Repealed.
41-6-58      Repealed.
41-6-59      Bond or security requirements for agents.
41-6-59.1      Regulation of fee remittance by agents to county treasurers.
41-6-60      Big game transportation permits issued by conservation officers.
41-6-61      Licenses to be issued by secretary--Discretionary licenses.
41-6-62      Form and content of applications--Oath of applicant.
41-6-63      Exhibition of license on request--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-64      Repealed.
41-6-65      Repealed.
41-6-66      Commission or department to direct form of licenses.
41-6-66.1      Maximum amounts for issuing license--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-66.2      Repealed.
41-6-67      Repealed.
41-6-68      Prompt transmittal of county reports and fees.
41-6-69      Repealed.
41-6-70      Repealed.
41-6-70.1      Portion of license fees to be used for certain designated purposes.
41-6-71      License not transferable--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-72      Expiration of licenses.
41-6-73      Unauthorized application for, or procurement or possession of, license or preference point--Misdemeanor
41-6-74      Repealed.
41-6-74.1      Revocation of hunting, fishing, or trapping privilege for conviction of certain offenses.
41-6-74.2      Revocation of hunting, fishing, or trapping privilege for conviction of taking or possessing in excess of limit.
41-6-74.3      Revocation to be noted on face of license--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-75      Penalty for hunting, fishing or trapping while under license revocation.
41-6-75.1      Revocation, suspension of nonresident license precludes licensing in this state--Violation.
41-6-75.2      Hunting, trapping, fishing or applying for license, permit or preference point while privileges suspended--Misdemeanor.
41-6-76      Resident license required to catch, kill, or possess fish, frogs, or turtles--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-77      Nonresident license required to catch, kill or possess fish, frogs, or turtles--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-78      Training of dogs on wild game birds restricted--Rules--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-79      Repealed.
41-6-80      Predator/varmint license required to hunt, take, or kill certain animals--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-6-81      Hunter mentoring program established--Requirements.
41-6-82      Forfeiture of preference points for killing or possessing trophy animals.
41-6-83      Restriction on hunting wolves.

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