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41-8-1      Repealed.
41-8-2      Hunting or possession of big game prohibited except as expressly provided--Violation.
41-8-2.1      Repealed.
41-8-3      Repealed.
41-8-4      Repealed.
41-8-5      Repealed.
41-8-6      License required to hunt big game--Violation.
41-8-7      Each violation of big game hunting restrictions as separate offense.
41-8-8      Repealed.
41-8-9      Repealed.
41-8-9.1      Repealed.
41-8-10      Minimum caliber of muzzle loading big game ammunition--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-11      Maximum number of cartridges in self-loading firearm used to hunt big game--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-12      Automatic weapon prohibited in hunting game--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-13      Buckshot prohibited in hunting big game--Minimum weight of slug--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-14      Repealed.
41-8-15      Dogs prohibited in hunting big game--Exceptions--Violation.
41-8-16      Use of salt to attract big game prohibited.
41-8-17      Night-vision equipment and artificial light in hunting prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-17.1      Spotlighting prohibited--Times--Exceptions--Violation a misdemeanor.
41-8-18      Big game hunting violation as misdemeanor--Additional penalty on conviction for hunting or taking big game during nighttime, closed season, or without license.
41-8-18.1      Repealed.
41-8-19      Trapping of fur-bearing animals prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-20      Open seasons on fur-bearing animals.
41-8-21      Possession of raw furs after close of season--Furs checked with conservation officer--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-22      Repealed.
41-8-23      Killing of mink, muskrats, and beavers causing damage.
41-8-24      Prohibited methods of hunting mink, muskrats and beavers--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-24.1      Shooting of muskrats under certain conditions.
41-8-25      Maximum number of traps--Disturbance of muskrat houses--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-26      Counties in which muskrat restrictions not applicable.
41-8-27      Repealed.
41-8-28      Trap robbing or injury as misdemeanor.
41-8-29      Cancellation of trapping license on conviction--New license prohibited for two years.
41-8-30      Repealed.
41-8-31      Hunting methods restricted--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-31.1      Use of crossbow for hunting big game during firearm season.
41-8-32      Repealed.

41-8-32.1      Repealed.
41-8-33      Repealed.
41-8-34      Repealed.
41-8-35      Floating batteries, sink boxes, and similar devices prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-36      Use of motorboats in hunting prohibited--Exceptions--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-37      Hunting from motor vehicle prohibited--Exceptions--Promulgation of rules--Misdemeanor.
41-8-37.1      Repealed.
41-8-38      Repealed.
41-8-39      Use of aircraft in hunting prohibited_Exception--Misdemeanor.
41-8-39.1      Aerial hunting of coyotes and fox by occupier of land where loss of animals threatened--Hunting on neighbor's land--Consent or authorization--Contract.
41-8-39.2      Contracts with aerial hunters of foxes and coyotes.
41-8-40      Hunting on boundary waters in violation of laws of adjoining state as misdemeanor--Agreements for reciprocal recognition of licenses and enforcement.
41-8-41      Wearing of fluorescent orange by certain hunters--Violation as misdemeanor.
41-8-42      Prairie dog shooting season open year-round.
41-8-43      Limit of small game taken by hunting party--Exceptions.

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