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46-5-1      Natural flow of stream or spring--Restrictions on riparian use.
46-5-1.1      Obstruction of navigable watercourse or interference with stage, level, or flow of public waters prohibited--Contests resolved by Water Management Board.
46-5-1.2      Removal of obstructions built by beavers if lands flooded or water rights impaired.
46-5-2      Nonnavigable stream--Right to construct and maintain dam.
46-5-3      Natural spring forming part of stream--Right to appropriate flow from spring.
46-5-4      Priority of appropriative rights granted since March 7, 1907.
46-5-4.1      Validation of prior licenses.
46-5-5      Waters flowing in definite stream subject to appropriation--Beneficial use--Excessive appropriation not allowed.
46-5-6      Appropriation of water for irrigation--Limitation of amount.
46-5-6.1      Restrictions on appropriation of Missouri River water for irrigation.
46-5-6.2 to 46-5-6.10.      Repealed.
46-5-6.11      Authority of chief engineer to issue appropriation permits.
46-5-7      Priority of appropriation--Date of filing application.
46-5-8      Permit not required for domestic use--Permit required for dams on streams or dry-draws--Registration of domestic wells.
46-5-8.1      Permit issued by board to effectuate contract between district and energy industry user--Cancellation of permit or license.
46-5-8.2      Permit required for water distribution system.
46-5-9      Construction of works prior to obtaining permit to appropriate water prohibited.
46-5-10      Appropriation of water--Application for permit required.
46-5-11      Application--Information required.
46-5-12      Repealed.
46-5-13      Diversion rate and amount allowed by permit.
46-5-13.1      Change of location of diversion point.
46-5-14      Water which may be reclaimed.
46-5-15      Water diverted for municipal use--Issuance of permit--Contest and appeal.
46-5-16      Repealed.
46-5-17 to 46-5-19.      Repealed.
46-5-20      Repealed.
46-5-20.1      Legislative approval required for large-scale appropriation--Eminent domain powers denied for unauthorized appropriation.
46-5-21      Repealed.
46-5-21.1      Permits for energy industry use--Period for application of water to beneficial use.
46-5-22      Repealed.
46-5-23      Repealed.
46-5-24      Amendment or change of plans of construction or place of diversion.
46-5-25      Diligent prosecution of construction work--Forfeiture of rights--Extension.
46-5-26      Extension of time for completion of construction or application to beneficial use.
46-5-27 to 46-5-29.      Repealed.

46-5-30      Inspection of works by chief engineer before use--Authority to require changes.
46-5-30.1      License issued by chief engineer.
46-5-30.2      Limitations on rights given by permit or license.
46-5-30.3      Sale or transfer of application, permit, or license--Notice to chief engineer.
46-5-30.4      Amendment of permits or rights.
46-5-30.5      Unpermitted acreage developed for irrigation--Requirement.
46-5-31      Change of use or place of diversion.
46-5-31.1      Abandoned permitted irrigation use--Stock watering permitted.
46-5-32      Assignment of application, permit, or license.
46-5-33      Irrigation application, permit, or right not assignable apart from land.
46-5-34      Irrigation rights appurtenant to land--Amendment of permit required for severance and transfer.
46-5-34.1      Transfer of irrigation rights apart from land--Restricted purposes--Protection of other users.
46-5-35      Repealed.
46-5-36      Abandonment of use of water appurtenant to land--Public water subject to general appropriation.
46-5-37      Failure to use beneficially appropriated water--Forfeiture for nonuse--Reversion to public.
46-5-37.1      Abandonment or forfeiture of permits or rights--Recommendation of chief engineer for cancellation.
46-5-37.2      Exceptions to forfeiture for nonuse.
46-5-38      Future use of water--Entities entitled to reservation.
46-5-38.1      Future use of water--Permit required for actual use--Review of future use permits.
46-5-39      Temporary use permits--Authorization for.
46-5-40      Temporary use permits--Cancellation.
46-5-40.1      Temporary permits for use of public water for construction, testing, or drilling purposes--Term of permit--Qualifications and limitations.
46-5-41 to 46-5-43.      Repealed.
46-5-44      United States withdrawal of unappropriated waters--Cancellation.
46-5-45      Repealed.
46-5-46      Unauthorized use or waste of water or violation of permit or license prohibited.
46-5-47      Flood control--Permit required.
46-5-48      Flood control--Emergency facilities authorized.
46-5-49      Filing of vested right claim--Hearing--Mandatory filing--Waiver of right.
46-5-50      Drip irrigation defined.
46-5-51      Permit not required for drip irrigation.
46-5-52      Noncommercial purposes defined.

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