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49-43-10 Yearly grain measurement--Additional reports--Violation as misdemeanor.
     49-43-10.   Yearly grain measurement--Additional reports--Violation as misdemeanor. Each public grain warehouse shall obtain a yearly measurement of all the grain in its facility and shall provide the results of the measurement to the commission along with a daily position report as of the time of the measurement. The measurement shall be performed by a qualified person independent of the warehouse. If the commission finds the person performing the measurement is not qualified or independent, the commission may require a different person to perform the measurement.
     The commission may also require the operator of a public grain warehouse to furnish under oath, a written report showing the condition and management of the business, the total number of bushels of each kind and grade of grain purchased and in store, the number delivered out, the number remaining in store at the date of the report, and any other information regarding the business of the public grain warehouse which the commission requires. A violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor.
     No warehouse need weigh the grain on hand more than once in each year, unless the commission requires an additional measurement as part of an investigation of the warehouse. If required by the commission, a warehouse shall measure its grain inventory at its expense. The commission shall designate a person who is qualified to perform the measurement, which may be an agent or employee of the warehouse or a third party as appropriate under the circumstances of the investigation.

Source: SDC 1939, § 60.0310; SL 1983, ch 15, § 162; SL 1985, ch 376, § 32; SL 1992, ch 332, § 4; SL 2008, ch 249, § 16.

Chapter 49-43

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