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49-43-4.1 Promulgation of rules.
     49-43-4.1.   Promulgation of rules. The commission may promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 concerning:
             (1)      The procedure for filing grain reports;
             (2)      The form of a public grain warehouse's bond and application, and the information required to be included for licensing;
             (3)      Requirements and procedures for releasing bonds;
             (4)      Requirements for posting public grain warehouse's licenses;
             (5)      Procedures and requirements for license suspension, revocation, transfer of ownership, or insolvency by a public grain warehouse;
             (6)      Requirements for the form of, procedures for, and the issuance and control of grain warehouse receipts and scale tickets;
             (7)      Specifications for the safe storage of grain;
             (8)      Requirements for filing financial statements with the commission and the financial standards by which the statements are approved when considering whether to license a public grain warehouse; and
             (9)      The rates for receiving, handling, redelivering, and storing grain.

Source: SL 2008, ch 249, § 7.

Chapter 49-43

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