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49-43-5.1 Application for license--Contents--Multiple warehouses of licensee.
     49-43-5.1.   Application for license--Contents--Multiple warehouses of licensee. The application for a license to operate as a public grain warehouse made pursuant to § 49-43-4.2 shall be in writing, in a form prescribed by the commission, and shall set forth the name, principal office or place of business, location of each warehouse if more than one warehouse is operated in separate municipalities or locations, and the individual name of each owner or principal in the management of the warehouse. If the warehouse is owned or managed by a corporation, the name of the president, secretary, and treasurer of the corporation shall be stated. The application shall also state that the applicant is seeking a public grain warehouse license and shall contain financial information depicting the financial condition of the business at the time of the application. The application shall contain the affirmation statement set forth in § 22-29-9.1. The application shall be signed by the owner, managing partner, or chief executive officer of the applicant and shall be notarized.
     If a warehouseman has more than one public grain warehouse in the same municipality, only one license is required for all the public grain warehouses.

Source: SL 1985, ch 376, § 18; SL 1992, ch 60, § 2; SL 1994, ch 359, § 3; SL 2013, ch 238, § 1, eff. Apr. 1, 2013; SL 2017, ch 200, § 1.

Chapter 49-43

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