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5-12-1      Authority created--Composition--Initial terms--Political affiliation--Chairman.
5-12-1.1      Authority continued within Bureau of Finance and Management--Records and reports.
5-12-1.2      Meaning of United States Department of Agriculture Conservation Reserve Program.
5-12-2      Terms of members--Vacancies--Quorum.
5-12-3      Oath and bond of members.
5-12-4      Members receive no compensation--Reimbursement of expenses.
5-12-5      Employment of personnel.
5-12-6      Common seal of authority.
5-12-7      Purposes of authority.
5-12-8      Studies and investigations of land needs.
5-12-8.1      Additional powers with respect to projects under ยง 5-12-8.
5-12-9      Repealed.
5-12-10      Transfer of state property to authority.
5-12-11      Power of authority to acquire property--Methods of acquisition.
5-12-11.1      Standards and specifications to accommodate persons with disabilities.
5-12-12      Plans and specifications for projects to be undertaken.
5-12-13      Lease of facilities and sites to state agencies authorized--Commencement of payments under lease.
5-12-14      Terms, conditions, and rental under leases--Annual extension provision.
5-12-15      Lessee's option to purchase--Conveyance on exercise of option.
5-12-16      Taxes and insurance added to rental properties--Authorization to self-insure.
5-12-17      Authority's power to use facilities for other purposes on nonpayment of rent--Appropriations and funds from which rent payable.
5-12-18      Costs and reserves to be covered by rent and charges.
5-12-19      Tax exemption of property owned or leased by authority--Exception.
5-12-20      Resolutions for revenue bonds authorized--Purpose--Legislative approval required.
5-12-21      Purposes for which bonds issued--Refunding and refinancing--Pledge of income.
5-12-22      Terms and interest rate of bonds.
5-12-23      Revenues and income from which bonds payable--Use of educational facilities fund--Disposition of revenues.
5-12-24      Execution and registration of bonds--Validity of signature by officers.
5-12-25      Restrictions on obligation stated on face of bonds.
5-12-26      Creation of state obligation not authorized.
5-12-27      Contract with bondholders--Bondholders' remedies.
5-12-27.1      Refunding bonds authorized--Purposes.
5-12-27.2      Amount of refunding bonds.
5-12-27.3      Exchange or sale of refunding bonds--Proceeds of sale--Cancellation of bonds and coupons--Evidence of discharge of interest obligation.
5-12-27.4      Exchange or sale of bonds--Disposition of proceeds of sale.
5-12-27.5      Assistance in conserving and improving soil and water resources of highly erodible cropland by means of loans--Revenue bonds and interim notes authorized.
5-12-27.6      No indebtedness to be charged against state.
5-12-27.7      Acceptance and expenditure of gifts, contributions, etc., authorized.
5-12-27.8      Lease and sublease agreements with South Dakota Building Authority authorized to support purpose and payment of revenue bonds or interim notes.
5-12-28      Interim notes authorized--Purposes of borrowing.

5-12-29      Resolution for issuance of interim notes--Interest rate--Maturity date.
5-12-30      Terms and registration of interim notes--Redemption prior to maturity--Execution of notes--Pledge of income and revenue.
5-12-31      Additional provisions to secure payment of interim notes.
5-12-32      Debt limitations not applicable to interim notes--Personal liability not created by execution of notes.
5-12-33      Payment of interim notes or purchase of government obligations with proceeds from sale of revenue bonds.
5-12-34      Disposition of income under chapter--Public building fund.
5-12-35      Accounts maintained by authority--Purpose of disbursements from public building fund.
5-12-36      Authority to convey property to state when debt paid or payment provided for--Reversion to authority.
5-12-37      Record of rental payments under lease--Conveyance to lessee after amortization of debt.
5-12-38      Annual audit.
5-12-38.1      Informational budget required.
5-12-39      Contractual power of authority.
5-12-40      Bylaws, rules, and regulations of authority.
5-12-41      Severability of provisions.
5-12-42      Sale and lease-back arrangements--Sales and land leases authorized--Use of proceeds.
5-12-43      Sale and lease-back arrangements--Contracts to acquire use or ownership authorized--Terms.
5-12-44      Provisions applicable to contracts to acquire use or ownership.
5-12-45      Revenue bonds to finance sale and lease-back arrangements--Lending proceeds--Refund or refinance of obligations.
5-12-46      Legislative approval required for sale and lease-back arrangements.
5-12-47      Revenue obligations--Issuance--Purpose--Funds for payment.
5-12-47.1      Payment of lease rental obligations to South Dakota Building Authority by Bureau of Finance and Management.
5-12-47.2      Irrevocable escrow agreement for defeasance and payment of lease revenue trust certificates and bonds--Arrangements to pay governmental expenses.
5-12-48      Definition of terms.
5-12-48.1      Authority may invest funds in certain permitted investments.
5-12-49      Transfer and sale of state's right to tobacco settlement revenues--Disposition of funds--Written agreement--Filing of agreement.
5-12-50      Establishment of special purpose corporation--Limitations--Board membership--Powers of corporation.
5-12-50.1      Bond transactions to be public records subject to disclosure.
5-12-51      Purposes of special purpose corporation.
5-12-52      Bonds of corporation not a lien, charge or liability against the state--Pledge of education enhancement trust funds prohibited.
5-12-53      Pledge of non-interference by state to impair terms of bonds--Liability of state on bonds.
5-12-54      Liability of authority and special purpose corporation.
5-12-55      Special purpose corporation treated as public instrumentality of state--Income of authority and corporation not taxed--Obligations of corporation deemed public securities.
5-12-56      Employees of special purpose corporation.
5-12-57, 5-12-58. Repealed.
5-12-59      State pledge to honor agreements of authority or corporation with regard to certain federal income tax exclusions.
5-12-60      Repealed.
5-12-61      Authority may contract to manage payment or interest rate risk for bonds.
5-12-62      Uncodified.
5-12-63      Projects to be financed through issuance of revenue bonds.
5-12-64      Authorizations and appropriations effective through June 30, 2015.
5-12-65      State not liable for indebtedness, bonds, and obligations.
5-12-66      Design and construction supervision--Vouchers--Warrants.
5-12-67      Lease agreement with and rental payments by Board of Regents.
5-12-68      Rental payments to be paid from appropriations and fees.

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