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50-12-1      Definitions.
50-12-2      Application for aircraft dealer's license--Contents.
50-12-3      Issuance of license--Display--Violation as misdemeanor.
50-12-4      Dealer's license as applicable to aircraft in stock.
50-12-5      Permissible uses of aircraft under dealer's license--Violation as misdemeanor.
50-12-6      Issuance of aircraft dealer's certificates.
50-12-7      Transfer of aircraft to new owner--Delivery of certificate to department--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.
50-12-8      Dealer's commercial use stamp--Fee--Permissible uses under stamp--Violation as misdemeanor--Expiration of stamp.
50-12-9      Maximum duration of licensing under commercial use stamp.
50-12-10      Display of certificate and stamp--Possession of aircraft--Violation as misdemeanor.
50-12-11      Loss or destruction of license, certificate, or stamp--Issuance of duplicate--Affidavit and fee.
50-12-12      Fee for dealer's license--Fee for additional dealer's certificates--Fee for additional commercial use stamps--Receipt for and disposition of fees.
50-12-13      Expiration of license, certificate, and stamp.
50-12-14      Renewal of dealer's license--Verification of aircraft sold--Fees.
50-12-15      Dealer branch offices and subagencies.
50-12-16      Refusal, suspension, or revocation of dealer's license--Grounds.
50-12-17      Hearing on revocation, suspension, or nonrenewal--Notice of hearing--Appeal.
50-12-18      Return of fees upon refusal to issue license--Statement of reasons for refusal--Appeal.
50-12-19      Forms and certificates--Public display.
50-12-20      Promulgation of rules.
50-12-21      Repealed.
50-12-22      Inspection of dealer's records.

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