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50-6A-1      Definition of terms.
50-6A-2      Creation of regional airport authority by resolution.
50-6A-3      Public hearing required for adoption of resolutions--Notice.
50-6A-4      Appointment of regional airport authority commissioners--Term of office--Certificates of appointment filed.
50-6A-5      Resolutions filed with secretary of state by initial commissioners--Issuance of certificate of incorporation.
50-6A-6      Certificate of incorporation as proof of airport authority's establishment--Admissibility in evidence.
50-6A-7      Powers vested in commissioners--Adoption of procedural rules--Quorum--Majority vote required for action.
50-6A-8      Organization and election of officers--Chairman and vice-chairman.
50-6A-9      Employment of personnel--Legal services--Delegation of powers and duties.
50-6A-10      Expenses of commissioners--No compensation.
50-6A-11      Addition of subdivisions to airport authority--Resolution of consent.
50-6A-12      Exclusion of subdivisions from authority--Assets and liabilities--Bondholders' consent.
50-6A-13      Increase or decrease resolution forwarded to secretary of state--Amended certificate issued.
50-6A-14      Subdivision aid to regional authority.
50-6A-15      Corporate powers of regional authority.
50-6A-16      Operation of airports and aviation facilities.
50-6A-17      Acquisition of airports and aviation facilities.
50-6A-18      Power to use public waters.
50-6A-19      Eminent domain procedure--Property previously acquired by eminent domain--Entry for surveys.
50-6A-20      Taking possession on commencement of eminent domain proceedings--Abandonment of proceedings--Liability for damage.
50-6A-21      Zoning powers of authority.
50-6A-22      Subdivision's zoning power not limited.
50-6A-23      Certification of tax levy amounts--Levy by subdivisions--Collection--Payment to authority.
50-6A-24      Maximum airport levy--County levy inapplicable to municipality levying.
50-6A-25      Tax proceeds deposited in special accounts--Expenditure by authority.
50-6A-26      Covenant in bond resolution to levy taxes until bonds paid.
50-6A-27      Acceptance and expenditure of grants, donations and loans--Terms and conditions.
50-6A-28      Department as agent of authority--Agreement as to terms and conditions--Separate fund in state treasury.
50-6A-29      Bonds issued by authority--Terms--Minimum sale price--Interest rate.
50-6A-30      Bonds payable solely from airport revenues--Special obligation if within debt limitation.
50-6A-31      Covenants and indentures for bond security--Priority over operating costs.
50-6A-32      Recitation in bond as conclusive on issuance and purpose.
50-6A-33      Signatures of commissioners or officers valid after signers leave office.
50-6A-34      Public sale of bonds--Small issues excepted--Interest.
50-6A-35      Bonds fully negotiable.
50-6A-36      Tax exemption of bonds.

50-6A-37      No personal liability on bonds unless debt limitation exceeded.
50-6A-38      Arrangements for airport operation--Maximum duration--Purposes--Terms and conditions--Public rights protected.
50-6A-38.1      Regional airport authority authorized to provide funds for air carrier air service.
50-6A-39      Operating contract for airport--Duration--Conditions.
50-6A-40      Disposal of airport or property by authority--Manner and terms.
50-6A-41      Rules, regulations, and orders.
50-6A-42      Agencies authorized to act through joint boards.
50-6A-43      Joint exercise of powers by airport authority and public agency.
50-6A-44      Joint action agreements between public agencies--Terms and conditions.
50-6A-45      Joint board created by public agencies.
50-6A-46      Annual budget for joint board expenditures--Approval by constituent agencies.
50-6A-47      Approval required for costs in excess of agreement or budget.
50-6A-48      Eminent domain proceedings by joint board--Public agency approval required--Property held as tenants in common.
50-6A-49      Resolutions, rules, regulations and orders of joint board concerning contracts and leases--Public agency approval required--Force and effect.
50-6A-50      Joint fund created for joint board.
50-6A-51      Disposal of airports or property by joint board.
50-6A-52      Airport acquisitions and development declared public purpose and necessity.
50-6A-53      Tax exemption of airport property and income.
50-6A-54      Severability of provisions.
50-6A-55      Citation of chapter.

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