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58-11-1      Premium defined.
58-11-2      Contents of policy.
58-11-3      Statement of basis and rates for determination of premium included in policy.
58-11-4      Contents of policy--Exemption of surety contracts or group insurance policies.
58-11-5      Standard or uniform provisions of insurance contracts--Waiver of required use by director.
58-11-6      Policy not to contain provisions inconsistent with standard or uniform provisions--Substitute provision, approval by director.
58-11-7      Substitute provisions required by law of domicile of foreign or alien insurer, approval by director.
58-11-8      Assessable policies--Special contents.
58-11-9      Motor vehicle insurance--Uninsured motorist and hit-and-run coverage--Amount of coverage--Uninsured motorist coverage not required for government owned vehicles.
58-11-9.1      Motor vehicle insured by insolvent liability insurer defined as uninsured--Rights of insurer making payment under uninsured motorist coverage.
58-11-9.2      Notice required when automobile policy does not include liability insurance.
58-11-9.3      Exclusion of named person or reduction of coverage in motor vehicle policy--Minimum liability coverage.
58-11-9.4      Underinsured motorist coverage to be available with liability policies--Limitation of coverage--Exception.
58-11-9.5      Payment to insured for portion of judgment not collected from underinsured motorist--Coverage limits.
58-11-9.6      Subrogation of insurer--Assignment of judgment--Liability issuer allowed to pay limits under policy.
58-11-9.7      Adding of insured's uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage limits prohibited--Exception.
58-11-9.8      Adding of uninsured motorist coverage limits for multiple vehicles prohibited.
58-11-9.9      Adding of underinsured motorist coverage limits for multiple vehicles prohibited.
58-11-9.10      Increase in automobile insurance premiums due to drug-related offenses prohibited.
58-11-9.11      Increase in automobile insurance premiums due to certain alcohol-related offenses by a minor prohibited.
58-11-10      Additional policy provisions--Approval of director.
58-11-11      Charter and bylaws, inclusion as part of contract of insurance--Subscriber's agreement or power of attorney of a reciprocal insurer as part of contract.
58-11-12      Policy forms--Filing with and approval by director--Group policy certificates filed for informational purposes.
58-11-13      Policies exempt from form provisions.
58-11-14      Continuation of use of prior filings until otherwise prescribed.
58-11-15      Order of director exempting insurance documents from requirements as to form.
58-11-16      Property, marine and transportation, casualty and surety insurance coverages--Filing of forms by rating organizations.
58-11-17      Time for filing of forms--Approval or disapproval by director.
58-11-18      Extension of time for approval or disapproval of filing by director--Notice to insurer--Approval at expiration of extended period.
58-11-19      Withdrawal of approval of form by director--Notice.
58-11-20      Order of director disapproving form or withdrawing previous approval--Detailed statement of grounds.

58-11-21      Grounds for disapproval of form or withdrawal of previous approval.
58-11-22      Identification of contracts issued and forms filed with director--Change in form.
58-11-23      Execution of policy by authorized representative of insurer.
58-11-24      Facsimile signature used on policy.
58-11-25      Unauthorized facsimile signature does not invalidate policy--Estoppel by issuance of surety bond with facsimile signature.
58-11-26      Underwriters' policy--Joint and several liability--True name of insurer.
58-11-27      Combination policy--Contents.
58-11-28      Underwriters' and combination policies provisions do not apply to cosurety obligations.
58-11-29      Binders or other contracts for temporary insurance--Terms--Fraudulent statement as misdemeanor.
58-11-30      Duration of binder.
58-11-31      Extension or renewal of binder--Approval of director.
58-11-32      Binder provisions do not apply to life or health insurance.
58-11-33      Delivery of policy--Payment of premium--Insured not meeting condition required by insurer.
58-11-34      Insurance of motor vehicle sales contracts, copy of policy delivered to vendee, mortgagor, or pledgor, contents--Inapplicable to inland marine floater policies.
58-11-35      Renewal or extension of policy at option of insurer.
58-11-36      Assignment of policies.
58-11-37      Policy not complying with statutory form--Validity--Construction.
58-11-38      Policy, rider, or endorsement containing condition, omission or provision not in compliance with requirements--Validity--Construction.
58-11-39      Construction of insurance contract--Terms and conditions--Modification by rider, endorsement, or application made part of policy.
58-11-40      Application for life or health insurance as evidence--Annuity contract--Copy made a part of policy--Inapplicable to industrial life policy.
58-11-41      Application for reinstatement or renewal of life or health insurance--Copy requested by insured--Effect of noncompliance by insurer.
58-11-42      Alteration of application for life or health insurance--Written consent of applicant--Insertions by insurer.
58-11-43      Application for insurance other than life or health--Use as evidence--Failure to furnish copy to insured.
58-11-44      Application for insurance or annuity--Statements by insured deemed representations--Omissions, concealment, and incorrect statements preventing recovery.
58-11-44.1      Unanswered questions no basis for denial of recovery unless insurer demanded answers.
58-11-44.2      Requests for information and actions based on applicant's failure to meet insurer's underwriting requirements permissible.
58-11-45      Cancellation and nonrenewal of automobile policy or coverage--Definition of terms.
58-11-45.1      Reporting agencies and persons listed with director.
58-11-45.2      Applicant for liability insurance not to be prejudiced by false reports.
58-11-45.3      Informant to be identified if insurance refused--Violation as misdemeanor.
58-11-46      Notice of cancellation of automobile policy--Reasons for cancellation.
58-11-47      Reasons for cancellation not applicable to automobile policy in effect less than sixty days--Application of notice provisions to policies.
58-11-48      Modification of automobile physical damage coverage not deemed cancellation.
58-11-49      Time for mailing or delivery of notice of cancellation of automobile policy--Provision for statement of reason for cancellation.
58-11-50      Request of insured for reason for cancellation.
58-11-51      Notice of nonrenewal of automobile policy--Time for notice--Exceptions to requirement for notice--Renewal not waiver of grounds for cancellation.
58-11-52      Proof of notice of cancellation or nonrenewal of automobile policy or coverage.
58-11-53      Notice of eligibility for assigned risk plan on cancellation or nonrenewal of automobile liability insurance.
58-11-54      Director or insurer not liable for statements as to reasons for cancellation or refusal of automobile coverage.
58-11-55      Discrimination in issuance or renewal of automobile insurance policy as misdemeanor--Exceptions.
58-11-55.1      Use of age or occupation in determining issuance or renewal of policies.
58-11-55.2      Applicability of ยง 58-11-55.
58-11-55.3      Promulgation of rules to prevent unfair discrimination.
58-11-56      Repealed.
58-11-57      Assigned risk plan for automobile liability insurance.
58-11-58 to 58-11-61. Repealed.
58-11-62      Notice of intent to cease marketing block of business--What constitutes cessation of marketing block of business.
58-11-63      Regulation of form and content of policies, policy forms, standards, and procedures for filings, cancellation, and nonrenewal of policies.
58-11-64      Definition of terms.
58-11-65      Carriers subject to filing requirements.
58-11-66      Filing and director approval required.
58-11-67      Filing requirements--Availability on internet.
58-11-68      Filer to indicate location of each requirement on policy form filing.
58-11-69      Approval or disapproval of filing--Review period.
58-11-70      Correction of deficiencies.
58-11-71      Review of resubmitted filing--Review period.
58-11-72      Resubmitted form not to be disapproved for reasons other than in initial disapproval--Exceptions.
58-11-73      Grossly inadequate filings.
58-11-74      Limitations on director's authority.
58-11-75      Application to existing approved policy forms.
58-11-76      Construction with other time periods.
58-11-77      Appeal of disapproval of rate or policy form filing.

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