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58-18B-1      Definition of terms.
58-18B-2      Chapter applicable to small employer benefit plans.
58-18B-3      Regulations on premium rates.
58-18B-3.1      Base rate increase to be filed with director--Approval or disapproval.
58-18B-4, 58-18B-5.      Repealed.
58-18B-6      Disclosure in solicitation and sales materials.
58-18B-7      Information and documentation required--Disclosure.
58-18B-8      Suspension of rate requirements.
58-18B-9      Application of chapter.
58-18B-10      Repealed.
58-18B-11      Health maintenance organization considered separate carrier.
58-18B-12      Ceding arrangements resulting in less than fifty percent of obligation or risk retained by carrier prohibited.
58-18B-13      Transition period when acquiring additional class of business.
58-18B-14      Rate changes only for small employer business.
58-18B-15      Provisions for premium rates.
58-18B-16      Repealed.
58-18B-17      Limit on premium rates.
58-18B-18      Promulgation of rules for rating practices.
58-18B-19      Repealed.
58-18B-20      Small employer carrier to issue plan to any small employer--Criteria--Exceptions--Two percent earned premium threshold.
58-18B-21, 58-18B-22.      Repealed.
58-18B-23      Uniform application of requirements used to determine eligibility of employers.
58-18B-24      Application of minimum participation and minimum employer contribution requirements.
58-18B-25      Considerations in applying minimum participation requirements--Premium discounts.
58-18B-26      Increase in minimum requirements for employee participation or employer contribution prohibited after acceptance for coverage.
58-18B-27      Modification to exclude certain diseases prohibited.
58-18B-27.1      Exclusion of benefits for injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited--Exception for sickness or injury caused in commission of felony.
58-18B-28      Requirements lifted from small employer carrier in financially impaired condition.
58-18B-29      Repealed.
58-18B-30      Repealed.
58-18B-31, 58-18B-32.      Repealed.
58-18B-33      Repealed.
58-18B-34      Repealed.
58-18B-35      Director to promulgate rules regulating sale of multiple employer trusts and welfare arrangements--Scope of rules.
58-18B-36      Rules governing implementation and administration of this chapter.
58-18B-37      Marketing health benefit plans--Denial of coverage to employer.
58-18B-38      Prohibited activities of small employer carriers or insurance producers.

58-18B-39      Information regarding restricted network provision of carrier.
58-18B-40      Agent compensation based on characteristics of small employer prohibited--Commission on sale of health insurance plan through exchange.
58-18B-41      Compensation of insurance producer based on percentage of premium.
58-18B-42      Repealed.
58-18B-43      Status of insurance producer's employment may not be affected by health status, claims experience, occupation, or location of small employer placed with carrier.
58-18B-44      Carrier or agent not to induce or encourage employer to exclude employee from coverage.
58-18B-45      Reasons for denial of coverage to be in writing.
58-18B-46      Rules for additional standards for fair marketing and broad availability of benefit plans to small employers--Penalties.
58-18B-47      Third-party administrator treated as small employer carrier.
58-18B-48      Chapter not applicable to certain group health insurance plans.
58-18B-49      Establishing risk adjusters.
58-18B-50      Minimum inpatient care coverage following delivery.
58-18B-51      Shorter hospital stay permitted--Follow-up visit within forty-eight hours required.
58-18B-52      Notice to employees--Disclosures.
58-18B-53      Health insurance policies to provide coverage for biologically-based mental illnesses.
58-18B-54      Application--Exemptions.
58-18B-55      Supplemental or short term individual health benefit plans exempt from provisions of chapter--Conditions.
58-18B-56      Policies to provide coverage for diabetes supplies, equipment and education--Exceptions--Conditions and limitations.
58-18B-57      Diabetes coverage not required of certain plans.
58-18B-58      Health benefit plans to provide coverage for prostate cancer screening.
58-18B-59      Association exempt from application of rating requirements of chapter--Criteria.
58-18B-60      Coverage for treatment of hearing impairment for persons under age nineteen.

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