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58-27-1      Application of chapter.
58-27-2      Eligible investments by insurers--Violation as misdemeanor.
58-27-3      Time of determination of eligibility of investment.
58-27-4      Prior legal investment deemed eligible.
58-27-5      Acquisition of ineligible securities or property--Disposition.
58-27-6      Time of investment limitation based on amount of insurer's admitted assets, risk based capital, or capital and surplus.
58-27-7      Investments required to produce income--Exemptions--Rules.
58-27-8      Security or investment ineligible for purchase or exchange at more than market value.
58-27-9      Obligations of United States or Canada.
58-27-10      Loans guaranteed by United States or Canada.
58-27-11      Obligations of states, provinces, and political subdivisions.
58-27-12      Revenue bonds of states, provinces, and political subdivisions.
58-27-12.1      Maximum investments in bonds, warrants, and evidence of indebtedness.
58-27-13      Obligations or stock of federal agencies.
58-27-14      Certificates of deposit in federally insured banks.
58-27-15      Federally insured savings and loan accounts.
58-27-15.1      Credit Union accounts.
58-27-16      Obligations of international bank and certain development banks for reconstruction and development.
58-27-17      Investments authorized for insurers.
58-27-18 to 58-27-22.      Repealed.
58-27-23      Nonassessable common stock of corporation--Insurance stocks excepted.
58-27-24      Stock of solvent insurers meeting requirements.
58-27-25      Insurer acquiring controlling interest in another stock insurer--Limitation as to amount.
58-27-26      Investments in stock of majority owned subsidiary corporations.
58-27-27      Maximum amount of investments in stock of majority owned subsidiary, or another insurer or wholly owned subsidiary.
58-27-28      Equipment trust obligations or certificates.
58-27-29      Foreign securities--Insurer authorized to do business in foreign country--Limitation as to amount.
58-27-30      Collateral loans--Pledge of securities--Restricted amount.
58-27-31      Policy loans by life insurer--Maximum amount.
58-27-32      Real estate mortgages and deeds of trust.
58-27-33      "Improved real property" defined.
58-27-34      Interests and restrictions not constituting encumbrances upon improved real property.
58-27-35      Deduction of sum owing on real property but not due or delinquent--Reserved rights not included in fair value of property.
58-27-36      Bonds or notes secured by mortgage or trust deed guaranteed by federal housing administration.
58-27-37      Bonds or notes secured by mortgage or trust deed guaranteed by administrator of veterans' affairs.
58-27-38      Equity of seller of real property in contract for deed--Maximum amount of investment.

58-27-39      Evidences of debt secured by mortgage or trust deed upon leasehold estates--Eligibility for investment.
58-27-40      Purchase money mortgage or other securities received by insurer upon sale or exchange of real property.
58-27-41      Maximum loan on security of real property--Misdemeanor.
58-27-42      Real property mortgage loan limited by property value--Loan on leasehold--Additional investment in other assets.
58-27-43      Deduction from loan of amount guaranteed by administrator of veterans' affairs.
58-27-44      Appraisal to determine market value of property.
58-27-45      Loan on or investment in real estate mortgage on security of chattel mortgage--Limited amount.
58-27-46      "Durable equipment" defined.
58-27-47      Acquisition of chattel mortgage--Separate appraisal of included items to determine fair market value--Maximum amount of loan.
58-27-48      Liens on personal property as additional security permitted.
58-27-49      Sale of mortgage loans to federal national mortgage association.
58-27-50      Restrictions on purposes and amount of real estate investments.
58-27-51      Maximum investments in other assets--Exceptions.
58-27-51.1      Additional investment authority--Life and health insurers.
58-27-51.2      Additional investment authority--Property and casualty insurers.
58-27-51.3      Additional investment authority--Valuation of investments.
58-27-52      Limits on categories of investments.
58-27-53      Maximum amount of investments or loans with one person, institution, corporation, or municipal corporation--Exceptions.
58-27-54      Maximum amount of investment in voting stock of corporation--Exceptions.
58-27-55      Maintenance of invested funds--Minimum amount--Guaranteed securities--Real property.
58-27-56      Minimum investments by life insurer.
58-27-57      Maximum amount of investment in certain classes of securities.
58-27-58      Limitations on investments in corporate stock--Exceptions.
58-27-59      Repealed.
58-27-60      Limits of investments in real estate--Law governing.
58-27-61      Investment or loans on own capital stock.
58-27-62      Loan secured by own stock as collateral.
58-27-63      Repealed.
58-27-64      "Affiliate" defined.
58-27-65      Finding of director that security designed to evade chapter--Investment or loan prohibited.
58-27-66      Pension or profit-sharing trust agreement not prohibited.
58-27-67      Underwriting of securities or property prohibited.
58-27-68      Foreign insurer--Permitted investment portfolio--Domicile of alien insurer.
58-27-69      Authorization of investment or loan by board or committee of insurer.
58-27-70      Disposal of real estate unnecessary for transaction of insurance business--Time limit.
58-27-71      Disposal of real estate acquired in satisfaction of debt, as part payment of consideration on sale of real estate, as gift or devise, or through merger, consolidation, or bulk reinsurance--Time limit.
58-27-72      Extension of time for disposal of real estate--Election to hold as investment for income purposes, acquisition cost.
58-27-73      Immediate disposal of ineligible property or security unlawfully acquired.
58-27-74      Disposal of lawfully acquired ineligible property--Extension of time.
58-27-75      Ineligible personal property or securities not allowable as assets of insurer.
58-27-76      Expiration of period for disposal of ineligible property or securities--Disallowance as admitted asset.
58-27-77      Immediate disposal of ineligible investment unlawfully acquired.
58-27-78      Nominee holding investments--Definitions.
58-27-79      Name in which investments held.
58-27-80      Holding in name of clearing corporation, custodian bank or nominee--Conditions.
58-27-81      Securities lending, repurchase, reverse repurchase and dollar roll transactions--Agreement required.
58-27-82      Participation in federal reserve book-entry system.
58-27-83      Interest in pool of obligations--Fractional interest in an obligation--Requirements.
58-27-84      Evidence of investment required in absence of certificate.
58-27-85      Banking business authorized--Acquisition of banks--Regulation of such banking business.
58-27-86      Approval of banking acquisition required--Considerations in determining--Conditions.
58-27-87      Banking patronage as prerequisite to issuance of insurance policy prohibited.
58-27-88      Limitation on application of Secondary Mortgage Market Enhancement Act to certain investments.
58-27-89      Definition of terms.
58-27-90      Limitations on acquiring medium or lower grade obligations.
58-27-91      Obligations contracted prior to July 1, 1992.
58-27-92      Multiple obligations in same institution.
58-27-93      Written plans for making medium or lower grade obligations--Contents of plan--Deadline.
58-27-94      Limit on amount invested in medium or lower grade obligations.
58-27-95      Restructuring of medium or lower grade obligation already held.
58-27-96      Conflicting provisions.
58-27-97      Excess transactions.
58-27-98      Promulgation of rules.
58-27-99      Application of §§ 58-27-89 to 58-27-102.
58-27-100      Time limit for compliance with §§ 58-27-89 to 58-27-102.
58-27-101      Investment in money market funds.
58-27-102      Investment in company owned life insurance contracts.
58-27-103      Investment in a collateralized pool of mortgages--Requirements--Restrictions.
58-27-104      Investment in a collateralized pool of assets other than mortgages--Requirements.
58-27-105      Foreign investments.
58-27-106      Repealed.
58-27-107      Ratification of investment.
58-27-108      Rating and valuation of investments--Requirements--Divestment.
58-27-109      "Institution" defined.
58-27-110      Title plans investments.
58-27-111      Joint venture and limited partnership investments.

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