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58-30-1      Repealed.
58-30-1.1      "Excess business" defined.
58-30-1.2      "Rejected business" defined.
58-30-2      Repealed.
58-30-2.1      Repealed.
58-30-3, 58-30-4.      Repealed.
58-30-5, 58-30-5.1.      Repealed.
58-30-6      Appointment of insurance producer by insurer--Filing with director--Statement of kinds of insurance to be transacted--Payment of fee--Reasons for denying appointment.
58-30-7      Repealed.
58-30-8      Repealed.
58-30-8.1      Notice required for termination of agency contract for fire and casualty lines--Extension of coverage on previous policies.
58-30-8.2      Notice requirements inapplicable to exclusive agencies or termination for cause.
58-30-9      Rights of insurance producer following termination of appointment.
58-30-10      Rights of insurance producer after termination of appointment inapplicable to employer and employee relationship.
58-30-11      Repealed.
58-30-12      Repealed.
58-30-12.1      Excess or rejected life or health insurance or annuity risks--Placement by insurance producer licensed for life or health insurance.
58-30-13 to 58-30-19.      Repealed.
58-30-20      Licensing provisions inapplicable to title insurance.
58-30-21 to 58-30-23.5.      Repealed.
58-30-23.6      Criminal files check.
58-30-23.7      Joint issuance of waivers.
58-30-24      Repealed.
58-30-25      Repealed.
58-30-26      Repealed.
58-30-27      Licenses to insurance producers of domestic insurer insuring members of armed forces and dependents outside territorial limits.
58-30-28      Repealed.
58-30-29      License not issued in trade name--Exception as to firm or corporation.
58-30-30      Repealed.
58-30-31      Firms and corporations--Business within scope of agreement or articles of incorporation.
58-30-32      Repealed.
58-30-33      Changes in personnel employed by firm--Notice to director.
58-30-34, 58-30-35.      Repealed.
58-30-36 to 58-30-44.      Repealed.
58-30-45      Repealed.
58-30-46      Repealed.
58-30-47      Repealed.
58-30-48      Repealed.
58-30-49, 58-30-50.      Repealed.

58-30-50.1      Repealed.
58-30-51      Repealed.
58-30-52      Exemption from examination requirements.
58-30-53      Repealed.
58-30-54      Information to applicants as to subjects covered and reference sources.
58-30-55      Repealed.
58-30-56      Repealed.
58-30-57      Repealed.
58-30-58      Failure to pass examination--Waiting period for re-examination.
58-30-59      Repealed.
58-30-60      Repealed.
58-30-61, 58-30-62.      Repealed.
58-30-63 to 58-30-67.      Repealed.
58-30-68      Limited lines insurance producer's license--Types of insurance.
58-30-69      Examination not required for travel insurance.
58-30-70      Repealed.
58-30-71      Repealed.
58-30-71.1      Repealed.
58-30-72      Repealed.
58-30-73      Refusal of temporary license where purpose unlawful.
58-30-74      Renewal of license or appointment--Fee .
58-30-74.1      Continuing appointments--Annual renewal fee.
58-30-74.2      Renewal of license by business entity.
58-30-74.3      Lapsing and reinstatement of license.
58-30-74.4      Designation of individual licensed insurance producer in business entity renewal application.
58-30-75 to 58-30-77.      Repealed.
58-30-78      Obsolete.
58-30-79, 58-30-80.      Repealed.
58-30-81 to 58-30-83.      Repealed.
58-30-84      Travel insurance vending machines, approval by director.
58-30-85 to 58-30-87.      Repealed.
58-30-88      Premiums received by agent as trust funds--Accounting and payment.
58-30-89      Misappropriation of funds by agent as theft.
58-30-90      Deposit of trust funds in separate account--Records and account.
58-30-91      Records to be maintained by insurance producer--Violation as misdemeanor.
58-30-92      Companies prohibited from issuing policy in this state except through licensed agent--Violation as misdemeanor.
58-30-93      Suspension or revocation of certificate for unauthorized issuance of policies.
58-30-94      Repealed.
58-30-95      Director as attorney for service of process on nonresident insurance producer.
58-30-96      Duration of appointment of director as attorney for service of process.
58-30-97      Service on director of process against nonresident insurance producer--Fee.
58-30-98      Receipt by director of process against nonresident insurance producer--Copy mailed to defendant.
58-30-99      Director's record of process against nonresident insurance producers.
58-30-100      Repealed.
58-30-101      Repealed.
58-30-102      Repealed.
58-30-103      Repealed.
58-30-104      Repealed.
58-30-105 to 58-30-107.      Repealed.
58-30-108      Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew one license affects all other licenses of licensee.
58-30-109      Repealed.
58-30-110      Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew license--Notice by director.
58-30-111      Waiting period for new license after revocation.
58-30-112      Licenses are property of South Dakota--Delivery to director on termination.
58-30-113      Affidavit as to lost, stolen, or destroyed license.
58-30-114      Continuing education requirements--Definitions.
58-30-115      Continuing education requirements--Exceptions.
58-30-115.1      Renewal of license by persons over age sixty-five.
58-30-115.2      Renewal of limited or restricted licenses.
58-30-116      Continuing education requirements--Minimum requirements--Furnishing evidence of completion.
58-30-117      Continuing education requirements--Rules.
58-30-118      Continuing education requirements--Approval of programs--Certification of hours.
58-30-119      Continuing education requirements--Extension of time.
58-30-120      Continuing education requirements--Prerequisite for license issuance or renewal--Exemptions.
58-30-121      Continuing education requirements--Additional fee for renewal of license.
58-30-122      Conduct of sponsors and instructors--Approval or disapproval by director--Rules.
58-30-123      Director's action upon violation or nonconformity by sponsor or instructor.
58-30-124      Definition of terms.
58-30-125      Persons not managing general agents.
58-30-126      License required--Bond or errors and omissions policy.
58-30-127      Written contract between managing general agent and insurer.
58-30-128      Settling claims--Content of contract.
58-30-129      Sharing interim profits.
58-30-130      Restrictions on managing general agents.
58-30-131      Duties of insurer working with managing general agent.
58-30-132      Acts of managing general agent--Examination by director--Costs.
58-30-133      Penalties for violation by managing general agent.
58-30-134      Rights of policyholders, claimants, and auditors.
58-30-135      Rules for implementation and administration of §§ 58-30-124 to 58-30-139.
58-30-136      Utilization of managing general agent after July 1, 1992.
58-30-137      Filing and approval of contract.
58-30-138      Application of §§ 58-30-124 to 58-30-139.
58-30-139      "Qualified United States financial institution" defined.
58-30-140      Agents not to obtain loans from clients--Exceptions.
58-30-141      Application of reciprocity provisions to surplus lines brokers.
58-30-142      Definitions.
58-30-143      Sale, solicitation or negotiation limited to licensed line of insurance only.
58-30-144      License not required under certain circumstances.
58-30-144.1      License required for acting as consultant.
58-30-145      Written examination required for resident applicants.
58-30-146      Arrangements for administration of examinations and collection of fee.
58-30-147      Payment of examination fees required.
58-30-148      Resident application for insurance producer license--Requirements for application.
58-30-149      Application by business entity for insurance producer license--Requirements.
58-30-150      Verification of application information.
58-30-151      Program of instruction required for licensed insurance producers--Approval by director.
58-30-152      Issuance of insurance producer license--Permitted lines of authority.
58-30-153      Term of insurance producer license.
58-30-154      Reinstatement of lapsed insurance producer license.
58-30-155      Waiver of insurance producer license renewal requirements.
58-30-156      Information contained on insurance producer license.
58-30-157      Notification of change of address by insurance producer.
58-30-158      Authority of director to contract with nongovernmental entities for ministerial functions relating to insurance producer licensing.
58-30-159      Requirements for nonresident insurance producer license.
58-30-160      Nonresident insurance producer required to hold equivalent license in home state.
58-30-161      Verification of nonresident's licensing status.
58-30-162      Change of address required for interstate move.
58-30-163      Nonresident license applicant--Reciprocity--Exception.
58-30-164      Notification of use of assumed name by insurance producer.
58-30-165      Temporary insurance producer license.
58-30-166      Limits on temporary insurance producer license--Revocation of temporary license.
58-30-167      Causes for suspension, revocation, refusal to issue or renew license, or monetary penalty--Notice--Hearing--Final determination.
58-30-167.1      Termination of producer for receipt of hearing notice prohibited.
58-30-168      Written reasons for denial or nonrenewal required--Request for hearing--Notice of hearing.
58-30-169      Unreported knowledge by partners, officers, or managers of violation as grounds for penalty.
58-30-170      Authority of director to impose penalty or remedy.
58-30-171      Payment to unlicensed insurance producer prohibited.
58-30-171.1      Insurer may prohibit consultant fees.
58-30-172      Acceptance of payment by unlicensed insurance producer prohibited.
58-30-173      Renewal or deferred commissions approved if license held at time of transaction.
58-30-174      Payment, assignment, or sharing of commissions and fees--Limitations.
58-30-175      Requirements for acting as agent of insurer.
58-30-176      Appointment of insurance producer or business entity as agent of insurer--Submission of notice of appointment.
58-30-177      Verification of eligibility of insurance producer for appointment as agent of insurer.
58-30-178      Appointment fee required.
58-30-179      Renewal appointment fee.
58-30-180      Termination of relationship between insurer and insurance producer.
58-30-181      Prompt notification of additional information regarding termination of insurance producer.
58-30-182      Notification to insurance producer of termination by insurer.
58-30-183      Submission of written comments by insurance producer regarding termination.
58-30-184      Liability for information relating to termination.
58-30-185      Pleadings in action brought against provider of information regarding termination of insurance producer.
58-30-186      Application of common law to action regarding insurance producer's termination.
58-30-187      Confidentiality of information gathered in termination investigation.
58-30-188      Testimony in private civil action prohibited.
58-30-189      Director's duties in regard to confidential and privileged documents.
58-30-190      Waiver of privilege or claim of confidentiality.
58-30-191      Release of final orders allowed.
58-30-192      Penalties for failure to report.
58-30-193      Report by insurance producer of any administrative action taken against insurance producer.
58-30-194      Report by insurance producer of any felony criminal prosecution of insurance producer.
58-30-195      Promulgation of licensure rules.
58-30-196      Influencing witness testimony in examination or investigation.
58-30-197      Rental car insurance--Definition of terms.
58-30-198      Rental car insurance defined.
58-30-199      License needed for offering, selling, or soliciting purchase of rental car insurance.
58-30-200      Licensing of rental car agent for authorized rental car insurer.
58-30-201      Rental car company as limited lines insurance producer--License requirements.
58-30-202      Conditions for becoming endorsee authorized to offer, sell, or solicit rental car insurance.
58-30-203      Training of rental car insurance endorsee.
58-30-204      Expiration of rental car insurance endorsee license.
58-30-205      Retention of rental car insurance transaction records.
58-30-206      Rental car insurance agreement.
58-30-207      Rental car insurance advertising and compensation restrictions.
58-30-208      Revocation of rental car company license.
58-30-209      Definitions regarding travel insurance.
58-30-210      Limited lines travel insurance producer license authorized.
58-30-211      Conditions for offering and disseminating travel insurance under business entity license.
58-30-212      Statements required in travel retailer's written materials.
58-30-213      Limitations on travel retailer's unlicensed employee or authorized representative.
58-30-214      Registered travel retailers authorized to offer and disseminate travel insurance and receive compensation.
58-30-215      Individual and group travel insurance policies authorized.
58-30-216      Limited lines travel insurance producer responsible for acts of travel retailer.
58-30-217      Compliance with chapters 58-30 and 58-33.
58-30-218      Promulgation of rules on training for travel retailer employees.

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