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6-8B-1      Definitions.
6-8B-2      Election required for issuance.
6-8B-3      Resolution or ordinance declaring necessity of bond issue--Contents--Election.
6-8B-4      Notice of election.
6-8B-5      Ballot form.
6-8B-6      Improvement--Authorization of bonds for purchase or construction--Expenditures authorized.
6-8B-7      School, street, or utility improvements--Authorization of bonds.
6-8B-8      Issuance of bonds on approval by voters.
6-8B-9      Issuance, form, and terms of bonds.
6-8B-10      Public or private sale--Notice and procedure for public sale.
6-8B-11      Single issue of bonds separately approved.
6-8B-12      Interest rate.
6-8B-13      Disposition of proceeds.
6-8B-14      Negotiable investment security status.
6-8B-15      Powers as issuer of negotiable investment securities.
6-8B-16      Agents for authentication, transfer, registration, payment, and other functions--Central depository system.
6-8B-17      Authentication of bonds--Signatures--Seal.
6-8B-18      Registration books--Disclosure of information.
6-8B-19      Information filed with secretary of state by issuer.
6-8B-20      Costs of issuance and sale.
6-8B-21      Signature by resident attorney.
6-8B-22      Invalidity of bonds without attorney's signature.
6-8B-23      Notice of redemption.
6-8B-24      Replacement of lost, stolen, or destroyed bonds.
6-8B-25      Tax exemption.
6-8B-26      Anticipation notes--When issuance authorized.
6-8B-27      Anticipation notes--Amount--Term.
6-8B-28      Anticipation notes--Payment--Issuance of bonds required--Exchange--Redemption.
6-8B-29      Anticipation notes--Bond provisions applicable.
6-8B-30      Refunding bonds without election--Purposes.
6-8B-31      Repealed.
6-8B-32      Voluntary surrender required to refund bonds not maturing or callable for twenty-five years--Provision for payment.
6-8B-33      Approvals required for refunding bonds of issuer divided into other public bodies.
6-8B-34      Refunding after detachment of land from issuer.
6-8B-35      Maximum amount of refunding bonds.
6-8B-36      Maximum aggregate indebtedness of issuer.
6-8B-37      Bonds not included in computation of aggregate indebtedness.
6-8B-38      Combining outstanding issues for refunding--Combining refunding and other purposes--Issue in series.
6-8B-39      Bonds payable from different sources--Refunding by single issue prohibited.
6-8B-40      Refunding bonds not payable from same source as bonds being refunded--Election required.
6-8B-41      Combinations subject to more than one debt limit prohibited.
6-8B-42      Issuance and sale of refunding bonds.

6-8B-43      Conclusiveness of determination that limitations have been met.
6-8B-44      Recital of authority for issuance--Incontestability after delivery for value.
6-8B-45      Exchange or sale.
6-8B-46      Disposition of proceeds of sale--Escrow.
6-8B-47      Escrow including other funds.
6-8B-48      Investment of escrow funds--Amount required in escrow--Appropriation--Verification.
6-8B-49      Purchaser not responsible for application of proceeds.
6-8B-50      Disposition of accrued interest and premiums received on sale.
6-8B-51      Outstanding bonds unaffected.
6-8B-52      Chapter of full authority--Additional to other laws.
6-8B-53      Issuance of crossover refunding bonds--Deposit of proceeds in debt service fund--Maintenance of fund--Taxes levied and appropriated for payment of refunding bonds.
6-8B-54      Securities purchased for debt service fund limited.
6-8B-55      Definition of terms.
6-8B-56      Issuance of credit enhancement obligation--Conditions.
6-8B-57      Debt service reserve fund or credit facility.
6-8B-58      Issuance of credit enhancement obligation--Findings and determinations of chapter 1-16A.
6-8B-59      Referendum.
6-8B-60      Form of covenants or pledges.
6-8B-61      Agreements with health and educational facilities authority or other financial institution entered into by state entities.
6-8B-62      Credit enhancement obligations irrepealable until fully paid.
6-8B-63      Determination by governing body on limitations conclusive absent fraud or abuse.
6-8B-64      Ad valorem taxes--Limit.
6-8B-65      Agreements with health and educational facilities authority or other financial institution entered into by municipality or county--Provisions--Interest deemed perfected.
6-8B-66      Aggregate indebtedness of municipality or county--Limit--Calculation.
6-8B-67      Tax or revenue anticipation notes--Limit.
6-8B-68      Obligation subject to provisions of §§ 6-8B-9 to 6-8B-22, inclusive.
6-8B-69      Exemption from registration under chapter 47-31B.

Title 6
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