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61-6-1      Requirements for eligibility for benefits during week.
61-6-1.1      Repealed.
61-6-1.2, 61-6-1.3. Transferred.
61-6-1.4      Transferred.
61-6-1.5      Transferred.
61-6-1.6      Transferred.
61-6-1.7      Transferred.
61-6-1.8      Repealed.
61-6-1.9      Transferred.
61-6-1.10      Transferred.
61-6-2      Computation of weekly benefit amount.
61-6-3      Repealed.
61-6-4      Minimum base period and highest quarter wages required for benefits.
61-6-5      Benefits payable for each week of unemployment--Reduction for wages earned or received during week.
61-6-6      Eligibility requirements for waiting period.
61-6-7      Wages for insured work.
61-6-8      Maximum benefits amount based on base period wages--Trade readjustment payments.
61-6-9      Voluntary separation without good cause--Additional claims during benefit year--Trade readjustment payments.
61-6-9.1      Good cause for voluntarily leaving employment restricted to certain situations.
61-6-10      Repealed.
61-6-11      Repealed.
61-6-12      Repealed.
61-6-13      Benefits denied to persons employed while incarcerated--Reemployment.
61-6-13.1      Transferred.
61-6-14      Separation for misconduct--Additional claims during benefit year.
61-6-14.1      Misconduct defined.
61-6-15      Benefits not payable for unemployment due to labor dispute--Exceptions.
61-6-15.1      Transferred.
61-6-15.2      Transferred.
61-6-15.3, 61-6-15.4. Transferred.
61-6-16      Failure to seek or accept suitable employment.
61-6-17      Factors considered in determining suitability of offered employment.
61-6-18, 61-6-18.1. Repealed.
61-6-19      Work deemed unsuitable due to labor dispute, unfavorable working conditions, or requirement as to union membership.
61-6-20      Student not entitled to benefits.
61-6-21      Benefits payable to individual in approved training program--Rules establishing conditions for approval of training.
61-6-22      Repealed.
61-6-23      Benefits for individuals seeking only part-time work.
61-6-23.1      Transferred.
61-6-23.2      Transferred.
61-6-23.3, 61-6-23.4. Transferred.
61-6-24      Benefits based on employment by state or instrumentalities or by religious, charitable, or educational organization--Exception.
61-6-24.1      Transferred.
61-6-25      Benefits not paid employees of educational institutions for services between successive academic years--Grounds for retroactive payments.
61-6-26      Benefits not paid for established vacation period or holiday recess preceded and followed by insured work.
61-6-27      Repealed.
61-6-28      Application of provisions as to periods between academic years, sabbatical leaves, and vacation and holiday periods to certain employment.
61-6-29      Employee working for an employer under contract with a public or private school.
61-6-30      Benefits not paid for participation in sports or athletic events between successive seasons.
61-6-31, 61-6-32. Repealed.
61-6-33      Federal school employees not disqualified.
61-6-34      Benefits not paid to aliens--Exceptions--Determination of alien status.
61-6-35      Benefits not payable for week in which other compensation received.
61-6-36      Benefits prohibited in more than one benefit year as the result of one separation from work.
61-6-37      Benefits not payable when benefits sought under other unemployment compensation law--Determination of ineligibility under other law.
61-6-38      Misrepresentation to increase benefits unlawful.
61-6-38.1 to 61-6-38.3. Transferred.
61-6-39      Denial of benefits from discovery of misrepresentation--Penalties.
61-6-40      Obtaining or attempting to obtain benefits by misrepresentation as misdemeanor or felony--Aggregation of benefits obtained to determine degree of offense.
61-6-41      Deduction or repayment of overpayments.
61-6-42      Waiver of right to recover overpayment.
61-6-43      Collection or deduction of overpayments by another state.
61-6-44      Interest on benefit not repaid--Interest paid into employment security contingency fund.
61-6-45      Cancellation of uncollectible overpayments.
61-6-46      Benefits restricted to amount in the unemployment compensation fund.
61-6-47      Waiver of rights and benefits prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
61-6-48      Assignment of benefits void--Exemption from process--Waiver of exemption void--Information furnished to Department of Social Services--Disclosure of obligations by applicant--Deductions--Reimbursement of costs.
61-6-49      Extended benefits--Definition of terms.
61-6-50      Computation of unemployment rate to follow federal regulations.
61-6-51      Determination of state "on" indicator.
61-6-52      Determination of state "off" indicator.
61-6-53      Minimum period between extended benefit periods.
61-6-54      Public announcement of commencement or termination of extended benefit period.
61-6-55      Extended benefits limited to exhaustees--Eligibility for regular benefits.
61-6-56      Exhaustee defined.
61-6-57      Qualification for extended benefits despite receipt of more payments after appeal--Seasonal workers--Disqualified applicants for regular benefits.
61-6-58      Qualification for extended benefits on termination of regular benefit year.
61-6-59      Applicable benefit year defined.
61-6-60      Amount of weekly extended benefit--Reduction.
61-6-61      Maximum extended benefits payable in year--Reduction of total extended benefit amount.
61-6-62      Extended benefits not chargeable to employer.
61-6-63      Claims for and payment of extended benefits.
61-6-64      Administration of extended benefits to conform to federal requirements.
61-6-65      Interstate claims--Eligibility for extended benefits.
61-6-66      Disqualification for extended benefits on failure to seek or accept suitable work--Exception.
61-6-67      Voluntary withholding of federal income tax from benefit payments.

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