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7-16-5 Salaries of deputies.
     7-16-5.   Salaries of deputies. The salaries of the deputy state's attorneys shall be paid in the same manner that the salary of the state's attorney is paid each month.
     No deputy state's attorney shall be entitled to receive any salary under the provisions of this section, unless the state's attorney shall, at the same time, attend to and perform the duties of his office as provided by law.
     The board of county commissioners may in its discretion allow such compensation for the deputies as it shall deem proper.

Source: SL 1891, ch 108, § 1; RPolC 1903, § 935; SL 1917, ch 191; RC 1919, § 6005; SL 1921, ch 398; SL 1927, ch 194; SDC 1939, § 12.1305; SL 1941, ch 31.

Chapter 7-16

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