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7-16-8 Opinions and advice to county officers--Fees.
     7-16-8.   Opinions and advice to county officers--Fees. The state's attorney shall give opinions and advice without fee to the board of county commissioners and other civil officers of his county, if requested by the board or officers, upon all matters in which the county is interested or relating to the official duties of the board or officers. However, a part-time state's attorney may receive a fee in addition to the state's attorney's salary for legal services rendered pursuant to contract in behalf of the county or county officers in civil cases and administrative proceedings outside the county, pursuant to § 7-16-6 or to a board or commission acting pursuant to chapter 46A-10A.

Source: SL 1883, ch 43, § 4; CL 1887, § 430; RPolC 1903, § 930; RC 1919, § 6000; SDC 1939, § 12.1302 (1); SL 1983, ch 44, § 5; SL 1986, ch. 378, § 2.

Chapter 7-16

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