1-26-1.2 Chair of rules review committee--Schedule of meetings--Compensation of members--Secretary....
     1-26-1.2.   Chair of rules review committee--Schedule of meetings--Compensation of members--Secretary. The interim rules review committee shall choose a chair from its members and prescribe its rules of procedure. Meetings of the committee shall be at the call of the chair or a majority of the committee.
     On or before the first Monday following the last day of the legislative session, the committee and the agencies shall determine a schedule of dates for meetings to be held during the following twelve months. However, the committee is not required to hold a meeting if no proposed rules have been filed pursuant to subdivision 1-26-6(4) prior to the meeting.
     The committee shall review all proposed agency rules and make recommendations to the agencies regarding rules and legislation authorizing rules and to the Legislature regarding administrative law. All meetings, regular or special, shall be open to the public and any interested person may be heard and present evidence.
     Members of the committee shall be compensated for their attendance at meetings and for time spent in conduct of committee business at rates established by the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council. The director of the Legislative Research Council, or one or more persons from the director's office, shall act as secretary to the committee, or the committee may employ a secretary.

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