1-36-1      Department continued.
1-36-2      Secretary as head of department.
1-36-3      Board of Social Services--Appointment and terms of members.
1-36-4      Officers of board--Functions--Meetings.
1-36-5      Superseded.
1-36-5.1      Divisions of social welfare, mental health and mental retardation, and human development abolished--Agencies and programs constituting department.
1-36-6      Superseded.
1-36-6.1      Performance of functions of former director of social welfare and former director of human development.
1-36-7      Superseded.
1-36-7.1      Performance of functions of former Division of Social Welfare.
1-36-7.2      Performance of functions of former Division of Human Development and former Office of Community Services and supervisor of office of community services.
1-36-7.3      Repealed.
1-36-7.4      Performance of administrative functions for commission on status of women.
1-36-8 to 1-36-10. Repealed.
1-36-11      Superseded.
1-36-12      Repealed.
1-36-13      Superseded.
1-36-14      Repealed.
1-36-15      Superseded.
1-36-16      Superseded.
1-36-16.1      Omitted.
1-36-17, 1-36-18. Repealed.
1-36-18.1      Superseded.
1-36-18.2      Omitted.
1-36-19      Repealed.
1-36-20      Secretary may adopt federally mandated rules--Procedure--Effective date.
1-36-21      Contracts for care of persons subject to or receiving institutional treatment in another state or federal government--Return to sending state or federal government.
1-36-22      Compensation for such support--Disposition of funds.
1-36-23      Transfer of institutional residents--Payment of expenses.
1-36-24      Contracts with federal government for care of persons--Compensation.
1-36-25      Promulgation of rules.
1-36-26      Repealed.
1-36-27      Human Services Center transferred.
1-36-28      Division of Mental Health transferred.
1-36-29      Board of Social Work Examiners transferred.
1-36-30      Board of Examiners of Psychologists transferred.
1-36-31 to 1-36-34. Repealed.
1-36-35      Visitation Grant Advisory Group--Members--Terms.
1-36-36      Criminal background investigation of new employees--Temporary employment--Fees.