16-18-1      License and bar membership required to practice law--Injunction to restrain violations.
16-18-2      Attorney licensing--Non-resident attorneys--"Pro hac vice" admission on motion--Requirements.
16-18-2.1      Legal assistance by law students--Purpose of provisions.
16-18-2.2      Requirements for participation by law student.
16-18-2.3      Certification of legal intern or extern by law school dean--Filing--Effective period--Withdrawal by dean or termination by Supreme Court.
16-18-2.4      Consent and approval for appearance by legal intern or extern--Authority for appearance in civil and criminal matters.
16-18-2.5      Appearance by legal intern or extern for state, county, or first or second class municipality.
16-18-2.6      Preparation of pleadings, briefs, and other documents by legal intern or extern.
16-18-2.7      Oral argument by legal intern or extern before Supreme Court.
16-18-2.8      Notation of oral consent and approval of appearance by legal intern or extern--Filing of written consent.
16-18-2.9      Qualifications of supervising lawyer--Professional responsibility.
16-18-2.10      Other rights not affected by provisions for legal assistance by legal interns or externs.
16-18-3 to 16-18-5. Repealed .
16-18-5.1      Temporary waiver of admission requirements for nonresident defense counsel where county is experiencing significant increase in criminal cases.
16-18-6      Contracts and powers of disbarred attorney void.
16-18-7      Solicitation, acceptance of employment, or practice by disbarred or suspended attorney as misdemeanor.
16-18-8      Assistance to or acceptance of employment from disbarred or suspended attorney as misdemeanor.
16-18-9      Attorney's power to execute bonds and instruments for client.
16-18-10      Attorney not to be surety--Violation as misdemeanor.
16-18-11      Attorney's power to bind client by agreements--Evidence of agreement.
16-18-12      Proof of authority required of attorney.
16-18-13      Attorney's duty to respect courts.
16-18-14      Attorney's duty to respect reputation of parties and witnesses.
16-18-15      Attorney not to maintain unjustified actions or defenses--Criminal defense excepted.
16-18-16      Attorney not to maintain action for improper motives.
16-18-17      Attorney's duty to represent the oppressed.
16-18-18      Attorney's duty to respect client's confidence.
16-18-19      Attorney's duty to use truthful means.
16-18-20      Attorney's power to receive money for client--Unauthorized discharge of claim prohibited.
16-18-20.1      Record of client funds--Time preserved--Failure to keep as ground for discipline.
16-18-20.2      Attorney licensing--Trust accounting records and procedures.
16-18-21      Attorney's lien on proceeds of action.
16-18-22      Bond to release attorney's lien--Bill of particulars required of attorney.
16-18-23      Refusal by attorney to pay money to client as misdemeanor.
16-18-24      Lien as justification for withholding money from client.
16-18-25      Security given by attorney for payment to client.
16-18-26      Misconduct by attorney as misdemeanor.

16-18-27      Attorneys for public agencies may permit use of name or office.
16-18-28      Liability of attorney for treble damages for misconduct.
16-18-29      Acceptance of consideration from defendant by attorney for public agency as misdemeanor.
16-18-30      Repealed.
16-18-31      Withdrawal of attorney of record--When permitted.
16-18-32      Attorney authorized to remove files from offices of clerks of court--Electronic transmission of copies.
16-18-33      Repealed.
16-18-34      Definition of legal assistant.
16-18-34.1      Minimum qualifications.
16-18-34.2      Utilization of legal assistants.
16-18-34.3      Ethical considerations.
16-18-34.4      Certain individuals disqualified.
16-18-34.5      Application by disqualified persons--Requirements--Hearing--Burden of proof.
16-18-34.6      Revocation of order for disqualified persons--Hearing--Burden of proof.
16-18-34.7      Recommendations in attorney disciplinary proceedings.
APPENDIX A. South Dakota Rules of Professional Conduct.