2-9-1      Council continued--Composition and functions.
2-9-1.1      Annual report of council on judicial opinions.
2-9-2      Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council--Members--Terms--Vacancies.
2-9-2.1      Party makeup of executive board members.
2-9-3      Executive board chair and vice chair--Vacancies.
2-9-3.1      Term of executive board.
2-9-4      Powers and duties of executive board.
2-9-5      Meetings and quorum of board--Rules--Annual report filed with Legislative Research Council.
2-9-6      Investigative powers of board.
2-9-7      Compensation and allowances of council and board members.
2-9-7.1      Charges for printing statutes from data base.
2-9-8      Director--Staff--Supplies and equipment.
2-9-9      Code counsel established--Qualifications and appointment.
2-9-10      Offices of code counsel.
2-9-11      Powers and duties of code counsel.
2-9-12      Repealed.
2-9-13      Legislative student intern program created within council--Purpose.
2-9-13.1      Assignment of interns.
2-9-14      Administration of intern program--Supervision of interns.
2-9-15      Repealed.
2-9-15.1      Repealed.
2-9-16      Repealed.
2-9-17 to 2-9-19. Repealed.
2-9-20 to 2-9-24. Repealed.
2-9-25 to 2-9-29. Repealed.
2-9-30      Determination of fiscal impact and preparation of fiscal note for initiated measure or initiated constitutional amendment.
2-9-30.1      Initiated measure or initiated amendment to Constitution submitted before July 1, 2017.
2-9-31      Repealed.
2-9-32      Fiscal note for referred law.
2-9-33      Cost estimate for bill or amendment that may impact state prison or county jail population.
2-9-34      Contents of cost estimate.