01.     Definitions And General Provisions [Repealed]
01A.     Petty Offense Procedure
02.     Basic Rights Of Defendants [Repealed]
03.     Law Enforcement Agencies
04.     Safeguard Of Law Enforcement Radio Communications
05.     Criminal Identification
05A.     DNA Samples
05B.     DNA Testing Of Persons Convicted Of Felonies
05C.     Sexual Assault Kits For Testing
06.     Criminal Statistics
07.     Firearms Control
08.     Limitation Of Criminal Actions [Repealed]
09.     Territorial Jurisdiction And Venue Of Prosecution [Repealed]
10.     Persons Subject To Criminal Proceedings [Repealed]
11.     Riots And Resistance Of Process [Repealed]
12.     Peace Bond [Repealed]
13.     Prevention And Investigation Of Crimes
13A.     Interception Of Wire Or Oral Communications [Transferred And Repealed]
14.     Coroner's Inquests
15.     Search Warrant [Repealed]
16.     Disposition Of Property Seized [Repealed]
17.     Destruction Of Gambling Devices [Repealed]
18.     Suppression Of Obscene Objects [Repealed]
19.     Complaints And Preliminary Information [Repealed]
20.     Filing Of Information [Repealed]
21.     Warrants For Arrest [Repealed]
22.     Arrest And Delivery To Magistrate [Repealed]
23.     Arrests By Officers Of Other States [Repealed]
24.     Extradition Proceedings
24A.     Interstate Agreement On Detainers
24B.     Extradition Of Fugitive Indians
25.     Escapes And Rescues [Repealed]
26.     Bail In Criminal Cases [Repealed And Transferred]
26A.     Rendition Of Accused Persons
27.     Preliminary Examination By Magistrate [Repealed]
28.     Change Of Venue [Repealed]
29.     Grand Jury [Repealed]
30.     Investigations By Grand Jury [Repealed]
31.     Indictments And Presentments [Repealed]
32.     Form And Contents Of Pleadings [Repealed]
33.     Compromise Of Misdemeanor Without Trial [Repealed]
34.     Dismissal Of Actions Without Trial [Repealed]
35.     Arraignment And Pleas [Repealed]
36.     Defensive Motions, Demurrers And Objections To Introduction Of Evidence [Repealed]
37.     Pretrial Notice Of Special Defenses [Repealed]

38.     Inquiry Into Defendant's Mental Competency To Proceed [Transferred]
39.     Defects In Pleadings Or Jurisdiction [Repealed]
40.     Subpoena And Attendance Of Witnesses [Repealed]
41.     Depositions [Repealed]
42.     Conduct Of Trial In Circuit Court [Repealed]
43.     Trial Jury [Repealed]
44.     Evidence And Issues Of Fact [Repealed And Transferred]
45.     Jury Deliberations And Verdict [Repealed]
46.     Trial Record And Exceptions [Repealed]
47.     Arrest Of Judgment [Repealed]
48.     Judgment And Sentence [Repealed]
48A.     Restitution For Victims Of Crime [Repealed]
49.     Capital Punishment [Repealed]
50.     New Trial [Repealed]
51.     Appeal To Supreme Court [Repealed]
52.     Post-Conviction Proceedings [Repealed]
53.     County Court Procedure [Repealed]
54.     Justice Court Procedure [Repealed]
55.     Appeals From Justice Court [Repealed]
56.     Municipal Court Procedure [Repealed]
57.     Suspension Of Sentence And Judicial Clemency [Repealed And Transferred]
58.     Board Of Pardons And Paroles [Repealed]
59.     Executive Clemency [Repealed]
60.     Paroles From The Penitentiary [Repealed]
61.     Paroles From State Training School [Repealed]
62.     Interstate Parolee Supervision [Transferred]