23-5-1      Criminal identifying information--Procurement and filing by attorney general.
23-5-2      Cooperation of attorney general with law enforcement officers to establish complete state system.
23-5-3      Criminal records of inmates of penal institutions--Procuring and filing.
23-5-4      Fingerprints to be taken and forwarded on arrests--Failure of officer to take and report as misdemeanor.
23-5-5      Fingerprints taken on arrest--Comparison with files--Information on previous criminal record.
23-5-6      Identification records made by wardens and superintendents of penal institutions.
23-5-7      Identification records to be filed and preserved--Restrictions as to use.
23-5-8      Warden of penitentiary--Furnishing of identification of inmates, transmission to Division of Criminal Investigation.
23-5-9      Repealed.
23-5-10      Definition of terms.
23-5-11      Confidential criminal justice information not subject to inspection--Exception.
23-5-12      Examination of own criminal history information--Written request--Authorization of release to others--Waiver of liability.
23-5-12.1      Criminal record check by schools, child welfare agencies or certified social worker on prospective employee or parent.
23-5-13      Costs of providing information--Special revenue fund.
23-5-14 to 23-5-18.      Repealed.