36-4A-1      Definition of terms.
36-4A-1.1      Practice agreement defined.
36-4A-2, 36-4A-3. Repealed.
36-4A-3.1      Board to appoint advisory committee--Terms--Duties.
36-4A-4      Unlawful practice as misdemeanor--Each violation as separate offense.
36-4A-5      Student activities not limited.
36-4A-6      Federal employees' activities not limited--Christian Scientists.
36-4A-7      Repealed.
36-4A-8      Issuance of license--Qualifications.
36-4A-8.1      Temporary license--Expiration.
36-4A-8.2      Criminal background investigation of applicants for licensure and licensees under disciplinary investigation--Fees.
36-4A-9      Repealed.
36-4A-10      Assistants practicing when chapter enacted.
36-4A-11 to 36-4A-19. Repealed.
36-4A-19.1      Repealed.
36-4A-20      Repealed.
36-4A-20.1      Practice agreement not to include abortion.
36-4A-21 to 36-4A-26. Repealed.
36-4A-26.1      Physician assistant as agent of supervising physician--Provision of services delegated in practice agreement.
36-4A-26.2      Emergency or disaster services--Physician supervision.
36-4A-26.3      Civil liability for voluntary or gratuitous emergency medical assistance.
36-4A-27      Practice of auxiliary professions not authorized.
36-4A-28      Hospital rules applicable.
36-4A-29      Physician supervision--Methods.
36-4A-29.1      Modification of method and frequency of supervision--Number of physician assistants--Application.
36-4A-29.2      Conditions for physician supervision.
36-4A-30      Physician not relieved of professional responsibility.
36-4A-30.1      Employment arrangement of physician and physician assistant not limited.
36-4A-31      Renewal of physician assistant's license--Form.
36-4A-32      Continuing education required for renewal.
36-4A-33      Suspension of license not renewed--Reinstatement.
36-4A-34      Fees.
36-4A-35      Repealed.
36-4A-36      Collection and disposition of fees--Refunds not permitted.
36-4A-37      Nonrenewal, suspension, or revocation of license--Other disciplinary action.
36-4A-38      Unprofessional or dishonorable conduct defined.
36-4A-39      Right of appeal from board.
36-4A-40      Suspension of license for mental incompetence.
36-4A-41      Reissuance of canceled, revoked, or suspended license.
36-4A-42      Promulgation of rules by board.
36-4A-43 to 36-4A-49. Repealed.