01.     Definitions And General Provisions
02.     Water Management Board And Chief Engineer
02A.     Administrative Procedure For Appropriation Of Water
03.     Survey And Investigation Of Water Resources [Repealed]
03A.     Weather Modification Activities [Repealed]
04.     Dry-Draw And Nonnavigable Stream Dams
05.     Appropriation Of Water
06.     Groundwater And Wells
07.     Storage, Diversion And Irrigation Works
08.     Eminent Domain
09.     Overflow And Flooding From Wells And Distribution Works [Repealed]
10.     Adjudication Of Water Rights
10A.     Water Use Control Areas
11.     Water Users' Associations [Transferred]
12.     Organization, Boundaries And Dissolution Of Irrigation Districts [Transferred]
13.     Irrigation District Projects And Operations [Transferred]
14.     Irrigation District Contracts And Financing [Transferred]
15.     Irrigation District Assessments And Levies [Transferred]
16.     Water User Districts [Transferred]
17.     South Dakota Conservancy District [Transferred]
17A.     State Water Resources Management [Transferred]
18.     Subdistricts Of South Dakota Conservation District [Transferred]
19.     Flood-Control Works [Repealed]
20.     Intrastate Drainage Projects [Transferred]
21.     Drainage Assessments And Bonds [Transferred]
22.     Trustee Management Of Drainage Districts [Transferred]
23.     Interstate Drainage Districts [Transferred]
24.     Watershed Districts [Transferred]
25.     Water Pollution Control [Transferred]
26.     Protection And Improvement Of Navigation [Repealed]
27.     Missouri River Development [Transferred]
28.     Red River Tri-State Authority [Repealed]
29.     Minnesota Boundary Waters [Transferred]
30.     Belle Fourche River Compact [Transferred]
31.     Cheyenne River Compact [Repealed]
32.     Lower Niobrara River and Ponca Creek Compact [Repealed]