49-45-1      Grain buyer's license required--Violation as misdemeanor-- Injunction--Civil fine.
49-45-1.1      Definitions.
49-45-2      Repealed.
49-45-3      Expiration, revocation, and suspension of license--Appeal.
49-45-4, 49-45-5. Repealed.
49-45-6      Supervision of grain buyers--Promulgation of rules.
49-45-7      Application for license--Contents--Issuance or denial--Multiple warehouses of licensee.
49-45-7.1      Classes of grain buyer's license.
49-45-8      Fee for license application--Waiver.
49-45-9      Bond requirements--Violation as misdemeanor--Amount.
49-45-9.1      Filing of financial documents in lieu of bond.
49-45-10      Payment for grain by buyer.
49-45-10.1      Uniform scale tickets or receipts.
49-45-11      Voluntary credit sales.
49-45-12      Repealed.
49-45-13      Inspection of buyers' facilities--Examination of books--Subpoena power.
49-45-13.1      Memorandum of adjustments--Civil fine for failure to comply.
49-45-14      Reports by buyers--Public inspection not permitted--Violation as misdemeanor.
49-45-15      Repealed.
49-45-16      Grounds for suspension of grain buyer's license--Hearing--Revocation.
49-45-16.1      Receiver--Powers and duties.
49-45-17      Recovery of damages for breach of obligation under bond--Notice to commission--Time for commission response.
49-45-18      Audit of scale tickets--Certification of quantity and class of grain.
49-45-19      Revocation of grain buyer license--Time to file claims--Notice of revocation.
49-45-20      Repealed.
49-45-21      Commission authorized to contract for inspection of grain buyers' assessment and checkoff records.
49-45-22      Class A license requirements--Violation as misdemeanor.
49-45-23      Records of grain purchased and contracts.
49-45-24      Notice of destruction of or damage to facility.
49-45-25      Notice to commission of grain buyer's noncompliant financial condition--Violation as felony or misdemeanor--Civil fine.
49-45-26      Time and place for providing requested records--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil fine.
49-45-27      Owner, manager, or chief executive officer responsible for violation is subject to criminal penalty.
49-45-28      Parent company furnishing financial statements responsible for financial obligations of licensed entity.