1-15-1      Repealed.
1-15-1.1      Repealed.
1-15-1.2      Department created.
1-15-1.3      Secretary as head of department--Appointment--Qualifications.
1-15-1.4      Agencies and programs under department control.
1-15-1.5      Department to perform functions of former Board of Charities and Corrections.
1-15-1.6      Superseded.
1-15-1.7      Appointment of division directors.
1-15-1.8      Rules, regulations, and standards in full force and effect--Exceptions.
1-15-1.9      Repealed.
1-15-1.10      Replacement of Board of Charities and Corrections--Effect.
1-15-1.11      Repealed.
1-15-1.12      Duties, responsibilities, and authority of wardens granted by secretary.
1-15-1.13      Corrections Commission--Members--Terms--Purpose.
1-15-1.14      Review of criminal justice issues--Annual report.
1-15-2, 1-15-3. Repealed.
1-15-4      Repealed.
1-15-5      Repealed.
1-15-6      Repealed.
1-15-6.1      Administrative functions performed for Board of Pardons and Paroles.
1-15-7      Repealed.
1-15-8      Repealed.
1-15-9      Repealed.
1-15-10      Contracts for service, buildings, lands, materials, and supplies.
1-15-10.1      Contracts for institutional treatment of persons with other states or federal government--Discretion to return person to sending state or federal government.
1-15-10.2      Compensation of state for care of persons from other states.
1-15-10.3      Transfer of institutional residents to other states or federal government--Payment of expenses.
1-15-10.4      Agreements for state care of federal wards.
1-15-10.5      Transferred.
1-15-10.6 to 1-15-10.10. Repealed.
1-15-11      Enforcement of contracts and property rights--Judgment proceeds.
1-15-12      Supplies not to be purchased from institution employees.
1-15-13      Federal funds--Acceptance and use.
1-15-14      Condemnation of private property.
1-15-15      Repealed.
1-15-16, 1-15-16.1. Repealed.
1-15-17      Employment of institutional personnel in maintenance and replacement projects.
1-15-18      Management and accounting prescribed by secretary.
1-15-19      Repealed.
1-15-20      Rules, policies, and procedures for management of institutions and agencies--Inmate discipline.
1-15-20.1      Inmate defined.
1-15-21      Receipt and disbursement of inmates' funds.
1-15-22      Repealed.
1-15-23      Investigatory powers of secretary.

1-15-24      Investigations by attorney general on secretary's request.
1-15-25      Repealed.
1-15-26      Repealed.
1-15-27      Participation in formula grants program of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act.
1-15-28      Department of Corrections to supervise participation in Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act.
1-15-29      Council of Juvenile Services--Appointment--Terms.
1-15-30      Responsibilities of Council of Juvenile Services.
1-15-31      Participation in Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act contingent on funding.
1-15-32      Participation in international prisoner transfer treaties.
1-15-33      Responsibility for transporting inmates to hearings.
1-15-34      County responsible for certain costs of transporting inmates.
1-15-35      Department of Corrections responsible for certain costs of transporting inmates.
1-15-36      Promulgation of rules to administer reinvestment program.