1-16E-1      Short title of chapter.
1-16E-2      Legislative declaration.
1-16E-3      Definition of terms.
1-16E-4      Creation of authority.
1-16E-4.1      Membership of board of directors--Terms of office.
1-16E-4.2      Duties and goal of Board of Directors of the Value Added Finance Authority.
1-16E-4.3      Election of members of Board of Directors of Value Added Finance Authority.
1-16E-4.4      Compensation of members of Board of Directors of Value Added Finance Authority.
1-16E-5, 1-16E-6. Obsolete.
1-16E-7      Powers of authority.
1-16E-8      Lending power of authority.
1-16E-9      Borrowing power of authority.
1-16E-10      Security for authority bonds.
1-16E-11      Authority bonds not state or subdivision obligation.
1-16E-12      Bond authorization, terms, and sale--Interest rate--Noninterest bearing bonds.
1-16E-13      Pledges by authority.
1-16E-14      Redemption of bonds.
1-16E-15      Trust indenture securing authority bonds.
1-16E-16      Proceeds of bonds--Investments.
1-16E-17      Bonds as negotiable instruments.
1-16E-18      Execution of bonds--Seal.
1-16E-19      Immunity from personal liability on bonds.
1-16E-20      State pledge not to alter rights of authority to detriment of its bondholders.
1-16E-21      Conflict of interest--Disclosure--Participation in transaction.
1-16E-22      Tax exemption--Filing fee exemption.
1-16E-23      Bonds as authorized investments and securities for deposits.
1-16E-24      Rules and regulations of authority.
1-16E-25      Construction with other laws.
1-16E-26      Liberal construction of chapter.
1-16E-27      Disposition of authority assets on dissolution.
1-16E-28      Report to Governor and Legislature.
1-16E-29      Cost of establishing a development project defined.
1-16E-30      Compliance with Internal Revenue Code.
1-16E-31      Confidentiality of borrower information.
1-16E-32      Authority may contract to manage payment or interest rate risk for bonds.