1-16H-1      Legislative findings.
1-16H-2      Purpose of authority.
1-16H-3      Definitions.
1-16H-4      Science and Technology Authority created.
1-16H-5      Board of directors--Appointment and terms.
1-16H-6      Removal of members--Grounds.
1-16H-7      Compensation of members--Reimbursement of expenses.
1-16H-8      Oath of office.
1-16H-9      Executive director, agents, and employees--Duties--Compensation.
1-16H-10      Meetings of the board.
1-16H-11      Quorum--Vote required for action.
1-16H-12      Business interests not disqualification for membership--Abstention where conflict of interest.
1-16H-13      Open meetings--Notice.
1-16H-14      Record of proceedings--Filings--Copies--Certification.
1-16H-15      Powers and duties of authority.
1-16H-16      Promulgation of rules.
1-16H-17      Loans and grants made by authority.
1-16H-18      Investment of funds.
1-16H-18.1      Investment of funds with State Investment Council.
1-16H-19      Issuance of bonds, notes, or other evidence of indebtedness.
1-16H-20      Suit to compel performance by holder of revenue bond, note, or instrument issued by authority.
1-16H-21      Suit by holder of revenue bond to compel payment of principal, interest, or premium--Jurisdiction.
1-16H-22      Negotiability of bonds, notes, or instruments--Temporary bonds, notes, or instruments.
1-16H-23      Pledge of revenues from lease or loan agreement--Trust agreement.
1-16H-24      Pledge or assignment of or lien on or security interest in revenues, funds, or accounts.
1-16H-25      Pledge by state not to impair rights and remedies of holders of bonds and notes.
1-16H-26      State not liable for principal or interest on bonds, notes, instruments, or obligations of authority.
1-16H-27      Governmental bodies, financial institutions, and others authorized to invest in bonds or notes issued by authority.
1-16H-28      Exemption of documentary material and data involving trade secrets, etc., from disclosure--Consideration by authority in executive session.
1-16H-29      Title to projects.
1-16H-30      Acquisition of property.
1-16H-31      Acquisition, improvement, maintenance, and decommissioning of projects.
1-16H-31.1      Subsurface property defined.
1-16H-31.2      Condemnation of subsurface property for purpose of acquiring, developing, constructing, maintaining, or operating projects--Limitation--Procedures.
1-16H-31.3      Declaration of taking--Contents.
1-16H-31.4      Effective date of condemnation and right to just compensation.
1-16H-31.5      Notice of hearing on right to take--Waiver of right to question necessity--Order of court.
1-16H-31.6      Service or mailing of copy of declaration of taking and amendments.

1-16H-31.7      Amendments to the declaration of taking--Filing.
1-16H-31.8      Deposit with court of money representing just compensation for subsurface property--Expedition of proceedings.
1-16H-31.9      Distribution of money on deposit with the court--Judgment against authority for deficiency.
1-16H-31.10      Application of other provisions to subsurface property rights taken by authority.
1-16H-32      Intergovernmental agreements.
1-16H-33      Sharing of agency employees.
1-16H-34      Inapplicability of § 5-2-19.
1-16H-35      Transfer or exchange of property with other state agencies.
1-16H-36      Designation of depositories.
1-16H-37      Tax exemption of authority.
1-16H-38      Authority reports to Governor's Office of Economic Development.
1-16H-39      Informational budget.
1-16H-40      Transfer of functions and programs of Homestake Laboratory Conversion Project.
1-16H-41      Homestake Mine donation.
1-16H-42      Severability of provisions.
1-16H-43      Immunity from liability for condition or use of certain donated property.
1-16H-44      Property tax exemption for certain leased property in Lawrence County.