1-19A-1      Legislative findings and declaration.
1-19A-2      Definition of terms.
1-19A-3      Statewide survey of historic properties.
1-19A-4      Entry on private property for survey--Consent required.
1-19A-5      State register of historic places--Standards for listing.
1-19A-6      Participation in conferences and programs.
1-19A-7      Cooperation with other governmental agencies.
1-19A-8      Qualification for federal aid.
1-19A-9      State Historical Society as agency to accept donations--Exception.
1-19A-10      Preparation of preservation plan--Review and revision.
1-19A-11      Promulgation of rules regarding properties.
1-19A-11.1      Preservation of historic property--Procedures.
1-19A-12      Coordination of activities of local commissions.
1-19A-13      Assistance to local commissions and private parties.
1-19A-13.1      Historical preservation loan and grant fund established--Purpose--Sources of funds.
1-19A-13.2      National register eligibility required.
1-19A-13.3      Amount of loans and grants--Interest rate--Extensions and renewals--Amounts available for structures with public use.
1-19A-13.4      Funds to be used for restoration of historic properties.
1-19A-13.5      Promulgation of rules regarding historical preservation loans and grants.
1-19A-14      Information provided on historic properties.
1-19A-15      Stimulation of public interest in historic preservation.
1-19A-16      On-going programs--Programs of school of mines and technology not affected--Charge for publications.
1-19A-17      Improvement and operation of historic properties--Legislative consent required for acquisition.
1-19A-18      Obsolete.
1-19A-18.1      State Review Board abolished.
1-19A-19      Powers and duties of board.
1-19A-20      Tax moratorium on increased valuation due to restoration or rehabilitation of historic property.
1-19A-21      Covenant to maintain property required to benefit from chapter.
1-19A-22      Cancellation of tax moratorium.
1-19A-23      Ratification of previous moratoriums.
1-19A-24      Moratoriums for certain property prohibited.
1-19A-25      Heritage area designation.
1-19A-26      Determining heritage areas.
1-19A-27      Promulgation of rules for heritage area designations.
1-19A-28      Promotional materials to consider designated heritage areas--Prioritizing heritage areas for historic properties benefits.
1-19A-29      Promulgation of rules to administer chapter.