1-19A-29 Promulgation of rules to administer chapter.
     1-19A-29.   Promulgation of rules to administer chapter. For the purpose of the administration of this chapter the State Historical Society Board of Trustees shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 in the following areas:
             (1)      Definitions;
             (2)      Standards for historic preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation projects;
             (3)      Project application procedures;
             (4)      Requests for project information;
             (5)      Project approval and nonapproval;
             (6)      Terms of project certification;
             (7)      County notification of certification;
             (8)      Terms of restrictive covenants;
             (9)      Filing of restrictive covenants;
             (10)      Violation of covenants; and
             (11)      Cancellation of certification.

Source: SL 1994, ch 16, § 3.