1-19B-20 Ordinances designating historic properties--Criteria--Procedure.
     1-19B-20.   Ordinances designating historic properties--Criteria--Procedure. The local governing body of any county or municipality may adopt an ordinance designating one or more historic properties on the following criteria: historical, architectural, archaeological, and cultural significance; suitability for preservation or restoration; educational value; cost of acquisition, restoration, maintenance, operation, or repair; possibilities for adaptive or alternative use of the property; appraised value; and the administrative and financial responsibility of any person or organization willing to underwrite all or a portion of such costs. In order for any historic property to be designated in the ordinance, it must in addition meet the criteria established for inclusion of the property in the state register of historic places established pursuant to chapter 1-19A. No ordinance designating an historic property pursuant to this section may be adopted until the procedural steps set forth in §§ 1-19B-21 to 1-19B-24, inclusive, have been taken.

Source: SL 1974, ch 21, §§ 15, 16.