1-20-1 to 1-20-16. Repealed.
1-20-17      Legislative findings--Purpose of chapter.
1-20-18      Definition of terms.
1-20-19      Employment and qualifications of state archaeologist.
1-20-20      Duties of state archaeologist--Employment of personnel.
1-20-21      Statewide survey of archaeological sites--Records.
1-20-21.1      Agreements involving archaeological survey or assessment work--Fee schedule.
1-20-21.2      Confidentiality of records pertaining to location of archaeological site--Exceptions.
1-20-22      Notice to board of projects endangering archaeological sites--Notice to contractors.
1-20-23      Investigation of endangered archaeological sites.
1-20-24      Initiation of action by board--Recovery of archaeological data--Contractor's cost.
1-20-25      Reservation of right of field investigation on public lands--Property of state.
1-20-26      Cooperation with state archaeologist by public agencies.
1-20-27      Reservation from sale of state archaeological sites--Release when examination complete.
1-20-28      Reservation by state of archaeological interest in land transferred.
1-20-29      Policy as to investigations on private land.
1-20-30      Designation of archaeological register sites--Consent required.
1-20-31      Notice of designation of archaeological site--Permit required for field investigation.
1-20-32      Issuance of exploration permits--Qualifications of permittees.
1-20-33      Reports to state archaeologist of exploration results.
1-20-34      Specimens collected as state property--Arrangements for disposition.
1-20-35      Unauthorized investigation as misdemeanor--Forfeiture of materials found.
1-20-36      Trespass on private land--Misdemeanor.
1-20-37      Forgery and misrepresentation of archaeological objects--Sale of unlawfully collected objects--Misdemeanor.