1-22 ARTS


1-22-1      Legislative findings and policy.
1-22-2      Arts council created--Composition and appointment of members.
1-22-2.1      Terms of office of council members.
1-22-2.2      Per diem and expenses of council members.
1-22-2.3      Arts council to continue in Department of Tourism.
1-22-3      Officers of arts council.
1-22-4      Meetings of arts council.
1-22-5      Powers and duties of council.
1-22-5.1      Executive director of council--Supplies and equipment.
1-22-6      Freedom of expression preserved.
1-22-7      Poet laureate of state--Qualifications and appointment.
1-22-8      Promulgation of rules.
1-22-9      Definitions.
1-22-10      Authorization of art work in certain state buildings--Applicability.
1-22-11      Art for state buildings fund--Use and derivation of funds.
1-22-12      Administration by council--Annual report.
1-22-13      Inventory--Examination of artwork--Restoration, repair, and replacement of artwork.
1-22-14      Selection of artists--Advice of panel--Restrictions on panel.
1-22-15      Exemption from bidding requirements.
1-22-16      Rights to ownership of acquired artwork.
1-22-17      Alternatives not precluded.