1-36A-1      Repealed.
1-36A-1.1      Department created.
1-36A-1.2      Secretary as head of department.
1-36A-1.3      Agencies constituting department.
1-36A-1.4      Repealed.
1-36A-1.5      Boards and advisory councils transferred to department.
1-36A-1.6      Appointment and removal of division directors.
1-36A-1.7 to 1-36A-1.10. Repealed.
1-36A-1.11      Department authorized to make certain contracts.
1-36A-1.12 to 1-36A-1.15. Transferred.
1-36A-1.16      Department acceptance and control of funds on behalf of state institutions.
1-36A-1.17      Condemnation of private property authorized--Private property defined--Procedure.
1-36A-1.18      Purchase of fire insurance pending completion of buildings.
1-36A-1.19      Disposition of temporary buildings--Evaluation by Bureau of Administration.
1-36A-1.20      Authority to use institutional personnel or inmates for certain projects.
1-36A-1.21      Secretary to prescribe management of institutions and manner of accounting.
1-36A-1.22      Promulgation of rules for discipline and order of institutions and management.
1-36A-1.23      Disbursements accruing to and for benefit of patients.
1-36A-1.24      Examination of institutions--Secretary to have free access.
1-36A-1.25      Legal investigation or action by attorney general--Procedure.
1-36A-1.26      Transferred.
1-36A-2      Repealed.
1-36A-3      Division of Rehabilitation Services--Division of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired.
1-36A-3.1 to 1-36A-3.3. Repealed.
1-36A-4      Appointment of division directors.
1-36A-5      Board of Vocational Rehabilitation created.
1-36A-6      Repealed.
1-36A-7      Performance of functions of certain former agencies.
1-36A-8      Repealed.
1-36A-9      Repealed.
1-36A-10      Repealed.
1-36A-10.1      Registration of certified interpreters--Annual renewal--Fees.
1-36A-10.2      Interpreting defined.
1-36A-10.3      Certification and registration required for interpreters receiving remuneration--Violation as misdemeanor.
1-36A-10.4      Provisional certification.
1-36A-10.5      Certain certifications recognized--Competency standards--Annual registration.
1-36A-10.6      Exception for interpreting during religious service.
1-36A-11      Registry of certified interpreters.
1-36A-12      Promulgation of rules concerning interpreters.
1-36A-13      Fund for registration of interpreters for the deaf.
1-36A-14      Expenditure of surplus funds.
1-36A-15      Fees for provisional certification and registration.
1-36A-16      Certain practices not prohibited.
1-36A-17      Repealed.
1-36A-18      Establishment of interpreter mentoring program for interpreters for the deaf.

1-36A-19      Repealed.
1-36A-20 to 1-36A-24. Repealed.
1-36A-25      Program for adults and elderly--Establishment--Purposes.
1-36A-26      Promulgation of rules regarding services for adults and elderly.
1-36A-27      Records required--Improper use of names or information concerning persons applying for assistance.
1-36A-28      Use of information--Publication of names of applicants and recipients prohibited.
1-36A-29      Release of confidential information by written waiver-Exception.
1-36A-30      Retaliation against ombudsman program complainant or interference with program as misdemeanor.