1-40-1      Department renamed.
1-40-2      Secretary as head of department.
1-40-3      Qualifications of secretary.
1-40-4      Divisions constituting department.
1-40-4.1      Limitation on stringency of certain rules.
1-40-5      Board of Water and Natural Resources created--Functions--Appointment and terms of members.
1-40-6      Officers of board--Quorum--Removal of members.
1-40-7      State geologist--Duties.
1-40-7.1      Performance of functions of state geologist relating to oil and gas conservation.
1-40-8      Superseded.
1-40-9      Performance of administrative functions of conservancy district board.
1-40-10      Performance of nonadministrative functions of conservancy district board.
1-40-11      Performance of administrative development functions of Water Resources Commission.
1-40-12      Performance of nonadministrative development functions of former Water Resources Commission.
1-40-13      Performance of administrative functions of Water Management Board.
1-40-14      Omitted.
1-40-15      Water Management Board created--Appointment and terms of members.
1-40-16      Qualifications of Water Management Board members.
1-40-17      Quorum of Water Management Board.
1-40-18      Officers of Water Management Board--Meetings.
1-40-19      Functions of Water Management Board.
1-40-20      Water pollution control powers.
1-40-20.1      Performance of functions of Water Management Board relating to water pollution control grants, community water systems grants, and lake protection grants.
1-40-21      Administrative functions performed for Board of Certification of Water Systems Operators--Advisory functions.
1-40-22      Environmental protection functions of department and secretary.
1-40-23      Water quality and hygiene functions.
1-40-24      Transfer of functions relating to air quality and solid waste, radiation monitoring, mineral exploration, and control of hazardous materials and wastes.
1-40-25      Board of Minerals and Environment--Composition--Appointment and terms of members.
1-40-25.1      Board of Minerals and Environment composed in conformance with Clean Air Act.
1-40-26      Officers of Board of Minerals and Environment--Quorum--Meetings.
1-40-27      Rejection of applications for certain environmental protection, mining, oil, and gas permits.
1-40-28      Registration for individual permits required by holders of certain general permits.
1-40-29      Report required following the issuance of uncontested permits.
1-40-30      Establishment of the environment and natural resources fee fund--Source of fund--Administration--Expenditures--Unexpended funds.
1-40-31      Full public disclosure of nonconfidential public records--Reproduction--Fee--Waiver--Response time to written requests--Denial of disclosure--Appeals--Promulgation of rules--Attorney's fees and costs for denial of access to hazardous waste public records.

1-40-32      Transfer of funds to environment and natural resources fee fund from water and environment fund.
1-40-33      Voluntary environmental audits--Assumption against civil or criminal penalties.
1-40-34      Application of environmental audit provisions--Discovery of violations.
1-40-35      Environmental audit subject to discovery--Summary of disclosed violation.
1-40-36      Use of environmental audit as defense.
1-40-37      Removal of regulated entity from environmental audit provisions.
1-40-38      Promulgation of rules governing inspection of certain concentrated animal feeding operations.
1-40-39      Electronic signatures permitted on certain documents.
1-40-40      Establishment of program to separate and recover recyclable materials--Inclusion of local government.
1-40-41      Promulgation of rules for state agency recycling programs.
1-40-42      Repealed.
1-40-43      Petroleum Release Compensation Board transferred.
1-40-44      Petroleum inspection and release compensation functions transferred.