1-43-1      Department continued.
1-43-2      Secretary as head of department--Functions.
1-43-2.1 to 1-43-3. Repealed.
1-43-4      Repealed.
1-43-5      Repealed.
1-43-6      Repealed.
1-43-7      Superseded.
1-43-7.1      Transferred.
1-43-8      Transferred.
1-43-9, 1-43-10. Superseded.
1-43-11      Cancer data collection system.
1-43-12      Authority to contract for implementation and maintenance of cancer data collection system.
1-43-13      Rules for establishment, maintenance, and use of cancer data collection system.
1-43-14      Cancer detection or treatment reporting requirements.
1-43-15      Repealed.
1-43-16      Data collection--Availability to public.
1-43-17      Good faith reporting--Immunity from liability.
1-43-18      Transmittal of nonresident cancer diagnoses to national cancer registries.
1-43-19      Comprehensive health data system established--Purpose.
1-43-20      Public or private entities allowed to implement and maintain health care data system.
1-43-21      Promulgation of rules for establishment, maintenance and use of health care data system.
1-43-22      Repealed.
1-43-23      Repealed.
1-43-24      Annual health data system report available to public.
1-43-25 to 1-43-28. Repealed.
1-43-29, 1-43-30. Repealed.
1-43-31      Information excepted from health data system reporting requirements.
1-43-32      Contingent implementation of comprehensive health data system.
1-43-33      Promulgation of rules for comprehensive health data system.
1-43-34      Criminal background investigation of new forensic chemistry unit employees--Temporary employment--Fees.